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TV Viewing Trends and Technologies for Patient Satisfaction

Save Staff Time & Steps with Smart Patient TVs

Why Choose Smart Hospital TVs for Patients and the Future

Patient Centered Care includes Smart TV Technology

Be the Hero in Your Patient Experience

Choose the Right Broadcast Signal and TVs for your Healthcare Space

Safely Engage Patients with Communication and Entertainment Carts

Hospital TVs Safely Display Consistent Communications

Healthcare Facility Managers Benefit from Hospital TVs Too

3 Ways Patients Benefit from Healthcare-grade TVs

There’s No Power Struggle Using PoE Patient Televisions

3 Ways to Score Big with Patient Satisfaction at Treatment Centers

Affordable SmartTV without Internet: Customize Your Patient Engagement

The Patient Experience Matters to PDi

Three Ways Patient TVs Matter

5 Small Ways to Make a Big Difference in #PX

Three Ways to Enhance Patient Safety in 2021

Three Cheers for Choosing PDi

Is Your Healthcare Facility Up to Code?

Top 5 Digital Technologies to Improve Patient Safety During a Pandemic

PDi Feels Like Home

Behind the Scenes at PDi: Vlog

Overcome Today’s COVID Safety Challenges with Digital Technology

PDi Safe Practices for All

PDi Builds Creative Solutions: A Look Inside Our Machine Shop History

YES! Your Arm TV Questions, Answered

Do You Want Kids in Hospitals to Have Fun?

Why I Love PDi

Expedite Designs with OSHPD Pre-approved Healthcare TV Systems

Continuing Patient TV Installations During COVID-19

5 Things to Help Plan Your Patient Television Installation

PDi in Five Words

CMS Blanket Reimbursements for Telemedicine

The Important Benefits of Telehealth for COVID-19 and Beyond

PDi: People Helping People

Ease Patient Worries on Cleaning the Hospital Room for COVID-19

Did You Know…PDi Style!

Hospital TVs Improve the Patient Experience

Exploring PDi's Mission and Values

Expanding Safety and DIRECTV® Entertainment for Patients

What Sets PDi Apart?

Improve Patient Experience with Home-like Technology

How Smart Tech Trends Will Impact Healthcare Technology

Chair TVs Elevate the Person-Centered Care Experience

Personal Technology Improves the Standard of Care in Small Spaces

4 Ways Healthcare Workers Can Improve Patient Communication

How to Choose a Broadcasting Signal for Healthcare

Arm Maintenance: What You Really Need to Know for Smooth Arm Operation

How Arm-Mounted Technology Makes Care More Patient-Centric

5 Key Elements of Patient Engagement

The Top 5 Healthcare Podcasts about the Patient Experience

Why iPads are Bad for Patient Experience and Patient Safety

Planning for a Successful Bedside TV Installation

9 Space Efficient Ways to Mount a Personal Patient TV

The Anatomy of a Well Designed Arm TV System

Enhanced Entertainment on Healthcare TVs in a Snap

How Nature Sounds Comfort Patients

PDi Unveils Televisions with More Entertainment Technology

What do patients really want? 3 ways to deliver value to patients

Increasing Engagement with Patient Education Devices

Four Ways to Better User Experience in Healthcare

How to Choose a Medical-Grade TV

Why We Care About Patient Experience

How a Bedside TV Increases Patient Engagement

How Tablets Can Improve Patient Engagement

How a Large Healthcare TV Creates a Cinematic Patient Experience

The Different Angles of Patient Engagement

PDi to show innovation in patient technology at HIMSS 2017 

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