Serving our Veterans with Accessible Patient Entertainment & Communication Solutions

Improve the Experience in Semi-private Patient Rooms

Are you worried about noise in the patient room affecting your patient's rest, outcomes, and overall satisfaction?

PDi arm-mounted TVs and tablets are proven to improve the patient experience. Features include:

  • forward-facing speakers
  • a headphone jack
  • optional pillow speaker controls
  • medTAB can also pair with wireless headphones and offers a custom touchscreen experience with GENiO

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for your service

Consider how your patients move between the bed or chair, or if they move much at all.

PDi can help design and manufacture a personal arm-mounted patient engagement solution to solve your patient needs.


9 Safe Ways to Mount PDi TVs







Thank you for all the hard work on our new TVs. I just got through installing one and it works perfectly with our system. I will be ordering more in the near future.

Director of Plant Operations & Safety Officer
Bill, Davenport, IA

Renovation Solutions to Fit Older Buildings

HorizArm_IndianaVets_brightLow ceilings? No problem!

PDi has solved your design dilemma for older buildings with a low ceiling height. The Horizontal Arm Mount delivers beauty and function for a personal bedside experience. The complete solution by PDi mounts above the light fixture already installed in the patient rooms.

PDi designs for backwards compatibility too! Leverage your existing investment in low-voltage PDi patient TV systems.

  • The medTV16 is a direct replacement model to upgrade earlier model Persona P10 or medTV14 (P14W) sets.
  • The medTV19 is your direct replacement to upgrade older model Persona P15X personal TVs.

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Adaptable Designs to Overcome Mobility Issues

VAlongbeach bedmonitor2

Select an Accessible Solution to Satisfy Our Veterans

A US manufacturer, PDi is proud to serve our Veteran soldiers. We partner with makers of adaptable controls for patient TVs.  

We are proud to bring 40 years of care to our solutions.


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US-based PDi builds only Healthcare-grade Displays, not commercial or consumer TVs.

Our manufacturing expertise and experience serving government hospital facilities brings the understanding you need to maximize your patient's comfort and experience.

Unleash the Gamer in Patients


Between video games, phones, and tablets, many patients are accustomed to having near-constant access to technology. With the GO-GO™ Gamer Cart by PDi, you can safely improve your patients’ experience in any hospital or healthcare setting, using a Sony PlayStation® 4 and UL-Listed hospital-grade PDi display on a mobile medical cart. Here are just a few other benefits:

  • UL-Listed Hospital Displays 
  • Secure Mounts, including Flat-time Play Mount 
  • Compact Storage

You might be wondering… why should you choose a UL-Listed, healthcare-grade TV or tablet? Check out our infographic:

Why Healthcare TVs Matter


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Interested in Government Contract Holders?

PDi Communication Systems, Inc (PDi) is a US-based healthcare equipment manufacturer specializing in complete patient television systems. A small, family-owned and ISO-certified manufacturer, PDi is nimble.

We are proud to partner with several small business, woman-owned business, and Service-disabled Veteran-owned small business owners. Call us today to learn more about GSA Schedule holders.

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Remember, we've got your back! PDi ProServices guarantees installations.

  • ETA/TIA Certified copper cable installation, troubleshooting and testing
  • RepTrax vetted field technicians
  • Technicians HIPAA trained and certified
  • SEWP Relationships


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