Frequently Asked Questions

Patient TV Safety & Infection Control

How do you clean PDi TVs?

All PDi products withstand daily rigorous sanitation with up to 5% bleach-based medical grade cleaning solutions, typically for many years after the warranty expires.

All PDi TV’s, power supplies, and most mounts are UL-Listed 60065 Annex Q.

Arms and arm-mounted TV’s have antimicrobial plastics.  Coming soon: most metal surfaces will have antimicrobial baked paint coating. 

All PDi products can withstand liquid cleaning and liquid spills when mounted properly.

Watch how easy:

Cleaning Video






Download cleaning instructions here.

What are the benefits of UL-Listed and CSA healthcare-grade standards?

Healthcare-grade televisions are designed with safety in mind, protecting both patient and facility. Healthcare-grade televisions meet the stringent requirements of UL60065 Annex Q and in Canada CSA C22.2 No. 60065, and are designed for disinfection and reduce the risk of shock or fires.

Healthcare-grade TV’s by PDi are designed to withstand up to a 5% chlorine bleach based disinfectant solution for infection control and repeated cleanings by facility staff to sanitize patient rooms. Download cleaning instructions here.

PDi arm mounted TV’s have full glass fronts and antimicrobial keypads to limit Hospital Acquired Conditions (HACs). 

PDi Healthcare-grade televisions can connect to Nurse Call/Pillow Speakers.

PDi TVs outlast commercial or consumer sets. PDi builds with electronic components designed to be powered on almost three times longer than consumer grade televisions.

Download the "Why Healthcare Grade?" Infographic


Why Trust PDi?

Why should I buy PDi products?

Healthcare is our life, not a secondary vertical. PDi is an American Manufacturing Company, committed and dedicated only to the Healthcare Market.

Our products are not castoffs from a commercial line of products.

Trusted for 40 years, PDi brings a long history of understanding and solving for patient entertainment in a variety of healthcare spaces. Only US-based PDi builds the complete, hassle-free solution, offers guaranteed installation services, and personal customer service and support every step of the way.

Watch this video to see a glimpse inside the family behind PDi:


We are the only US manufacturer to offer complete patient TV systems. Each PDi product is designed and built for tough healthcare standards, with a vision for the future, offering cost-effective, integrated product features that facilities and patients expect.

Since 1980, PDi has made the best healthcare televisions and accessories. PDi sets the standard in healthcare-grade TVs. We are knowledgeable and continuously improve to offer the broadest healthcare-grade television selection. As the manufacturer, we design for backwards compatibility and bring value to our customers. Many trust PDi.

PDi understands that one size doesn’t always fit all. We build creative solutions. As an American manufacturer, PDi has the advantage to utilize a full team of mechanical, electrical, and software engineers to solve unique problems for the specialized needs of all healthcare customers. The strength of our business partnerships enhance our supply chain, breadth of compatible interactive patient software systems in both US and Middle Eastern Region markets, plus our loyal channel partners bring installation and service advantages to customers.

PDi is the largest TV maker in North America. PDi designs and builds complete patient television systems, both arm-mounted and wall-mounted sets. 

  • The latest brand, medTV powered by PDi, offers both complete simple TV and customizable TV-TABLET systems for arm-mounted personal patient devices, including low-voltage power supplies and a variety of arms and mounts to meet your unique needs, designed and built by people who care at PDi.
  • The A-Series Enhanced Entertainment large screen TVs offer integrated apps with no internet required, easy pillow speaker control, and include capability for SMART future-proof custom app options or connectivity with leading partners of interactive patient software systems.
  • The Middle Eastern market region enjoys IP-based enhanced patient experience on both arm-mounted and wall TV displays.
  • PDi delivers other convenient options for education or entertainment with modular DVD kit options.
  • PDi ProServices offers guaranteed installation services, technical support, and a complete turn-key solution for all your patient entertainment and educational needs.

PDi offers a hassle-free TV experience. PDi has dedicated people. From engineer to line worker to sales, every PDi employee understands the complexities of healthcare TV’s and the supporting system requirements. Our passion defines us.  The PDi ProServices team is with you every step of the way to provide the personal one-on-one customer service and attention you want, and that you deserve. The PDi ProServices team is ready to help you with everything from site surveys, to cable and TV installation, to programming your PDi televisions, to chatting online or answering phones to quickly respond to your immediate technical inquiries.

We value our customers. At PDi you are not an account, you are our customer – the one who pays our wages. You are a member of the PDi family and PDi is here for you. We invite you to join the PDi family!

Healthcare is PDi’s only business. 

  • All PDi televisions are UL60065 Annex Q Listed for Hospital Use in US and Canada.
  • PDi TV’s are designed and built with heavy-duty, high-quality, reliable components.
  • Quality tested and inspected in our ISO Certified facility.
  • All PDi TVs are HDTV with Pro:Idiom
  • Arm sets offer 50,000 hour backlight panel lamp life; wall TVs offer 30,000 hrs life
  • All wall-mounted TV sets have a pillow speaker output.
  • PDi stands behind our products, and we service what we sell.
Why shouldn’t I just go to a store and buy televisions or tablets for patients? Their televisions cost less.

Of course one can buy consumer-grade televisions or tablets at a store for less.

Do you realize that those consumer or commercial televisions cost less because they are not built to take the use and demands in a healthcare facility? Most televisions in a healthcare facility run 18 hours a day – everyday. PDi uses proven components to endure this usage. This extensive use quickly wears out commercial televisions and tablets.

Learn More about Consumer vs. Healthcare Tablets

Also, all PDi wall-mounted sets have a pillow speaker output not found in retail store televisions.

PDi designs and constructs only healthcare-grade, healthcare-tough televisions.

Read our blog on why healthcare-grade TVs matter.


Doing Business with PDi

Where do I get product info before I buy?

Links to valuable online resource pages can be found under our planning and design webpage.

Product specs are also available to download from our website. See SOLUTIONS or Document Library under RESOURCES.

A full medTV product catalog includes comprehensive specifications for complete parts for more than 9 ways to mount PDi arm TVs, wall TVs and more. See medTV Catalog .

How do I buy PDi solutions and services?

PDi is proud to 

If you do not know your local PDi rep to request a quote, we can help.

Call Now 800.628.9870

How do I get tech support after I buy?

PDi ProServices is here to help you every step of the way. 

Our direct line to technical support is 800.628.9870, Ext 505.

Contact Us!

Need email to send us your P.O.?

P.O. should be sent to


How To Use PDi TVs

Need troubleshooting, programming, or installation support?

Who doesn't turn to YouTube to see how things work? Check out our YouTube channel PDIUNIVERSITY to help you enjoy the full benefits of PDi patient televisions.

Our popular A-Series wall TV videos include how to 

  • check firmware
  • auto program 
  • enable/disable speakers
  • set input sources
  • perform a system recovery

Go directly to our latest product overview videos here.

Don't see what you need? We invite you to submit your question or feedback on this page now.

How do I enable different sources, like a DVD player or HDMI?

As a hospital grade TV, each source input can be enabled or disabled individually. In order to use the HDMI 2 source, for example, you would first need a programming remote control to access the setup menu so you can enable that source. Make sure you’re using PD108-420 (it’s black with a PDI logo on the front) and enter the setup menu. The programming remote control is different than a remote control given to patients. 

For A-Series Wall TVs:

If the TV has image version 104 you’ll go to Setup > Features (password 1234) > Hospital Mode > Lock Input Source.

If you have the newer image version 108 or later, it can be done in the setup menu when selecting “Sources".

Do PDi televisions work with universal remotes?

Yes, they can. The code for a universal remote to work on a PDi TV may vary depending on the model of TV.  However, you can usually use codes for Phillips or LG to work with a current or recent production PDi TV. If your universal remote has an auto-program feature, that will probably be the easiest way to set up your remote.

PDi TV remotes include PD108-420 programming remote, PD108-421 simple patient TV remote, and PD108-427 patient remotes. BUY NOW.




General Q&A

Does PDi offer SMART TVs that I can easily customize?

Yes. Leveraging the Android-based OS since 2013, PDi delivers smart computing technology on PDi’s arm mounted medTAB sets, with the new GENiO web portal to customize your patient televisions. GENiO is also an option on the large screen A-Series Enhanced Entertainment Smart televisions.

Out-of-the-box, medTAB arm-mounted systems offer patients more than just simple TV. medTAB includes expanded entertainment with built-in TV, games, and relaxation, NO internet required. Or Get Genius Smart with GENiO by PDi. GENiO is an optional cloud-based software tool that allows you to customize your patient engagement experience, affordably and easily. Engage patients with education videos, daily menus, send messages, patient surveys, and more. It's your choice! 

GENiO is simple to implement with NO need to tie into ADT or health records. Get Genius Smart! Watch how:


GENiO Final2






Can PDi provide our facility with televisions for our patient rooms, waiting areas, lobbies, conference rooms, and telehealth needs?

Absolutely yes, PDi is your one-stop shop!

From 14” personal arm-mounted tablet television systems to exquisite wall-mounted 55” widescreen LED televisions, PDi offers complete solutions for all your needs.

Go to the Catalog

PDi builds the most arm-mounted patient TV systems.  As the leading US manufacturer, and with over 9 ways to mount PDi arm TVs, we bring capability to design and build the mount that works for your facility.

Check out our latest Mobile Carts for Telehealth needs or Patient Televisions.

We also work with leading clinic chair manufacturers to build an integrated arm-mounted entertainment solution.    

PDi also builds low-voltage power supplies right here in the USA.   

We offer 24" thru 55" Smart wall televisions and TV brackets with options for articulating mounts, pan & tilt, ceiling mounts, bolt-down table stands and more, everything your facility needs, including proven installation, service and support from PDi ProServices or one of our dedicated partners.

How can patient-centered technology improve quality of care and lower readmission rates?

PDi brings a full suite of solutions, many which offer smart technology to ensure your investment is a future-proof, value-added tool that provides easy access to patient education, health portals and internet connectivity.

Education and connectivity improves access to the knowledge and understanding for patients and their families about the patients' condition, medical treatment and steps to wellness. These understandings empower patients and result in better overall health outcomes and patient satisfaction scores for your facility.

Transform Your Patient Experience


PDi Arms

What is the reach of the PDi Series Arms?

58" 500 Series Arm

68" 1400 Series Arm

72" 1000 Series Arm

What is the weight capacity for each PDi Series arm?

500 Series arms hold 4 lbs up to 13 lbs. You must specify the correct part number when ordering. Springs may be slightly field adjusted.

1400 Series arms are designed for 4 lb, 7 lb, 10 lb and 13 lbs. You must specify the correct part number when ordering.

1000 Series holds 13 lbs up to 24 lbs. You must specify the correct part number when ordering.

Design and coax requirements important to know for arm systems

Arm system configurators can be found under the medTV Product Catalog for 14", 16" and 19" medTV or medTAB complete systems.

Important cable requirements are shown here:

  1. Coax must be solid copper core, solid copper braid. Recommended RG-6 coaxial cable numbers to use include AlphaM4182, Belden 9248, West Penn 806, or West Penn 25806 (plenum).
  2. Max. home run distance for coax from central power supply is 150 ft.
  3. Max length HDMI is 35 ft. Use an HDMI extender for longer distances.

    CAT5e supports 1Gbps speed and PoE power up to 328 feet between the network switch and the powered device. If using PoE the 328 ft limit includes the length of cable before and after the midspan power inserter.
  4. CAT5e cable usually uses 24AWG wires, but more expensive versions can use 23 or 22 AWG. The lower AWG numbers are better because they allow for slightly less PoE power loss over long cable runs. This saves electricity costs and causes less self-heating of bundles of cables as they travel from the power inserter to the powered device.
  5. Using CAT6 or CAT6A is generally unnecessary but may be desirable for future needs.
  6. Always follow the local electrical code and category cabling best practices.  Use plenum cable when crossing firewalls, crossing floors, or wiring through ventilation shafts. Use shielded cable when running alongside electrical wires or other sources of electrical noise.
Why won't my arm extend full reach?

PDi designs for safety first!  PDi swing arms have a SAFETY PIN located at the base of the arm section that meets the nose of the arm. 

ARM RECOIL HAZARD. The safety brake pin must remain in the SAFETY BRAKE PIN HOLE whenever the television set is removed from the arm or when the arm is removed from the wall bracket to prevent the arm from springing open. If your arm won't extend full reach, it likely still has the safety pin in-place.

For immediate questions, please call PDi ProServices for assistance. Ph: 1-800-628-9870, ext 505. 

TIP: Store the safety pin in the nose of the arm for easy future access!



Arm-mounted medTV and medTAB Systems

What makes PDi medTAB better than using consumer tablets?

The three main advantages of medTAB by PDi delivers versus passing out consumer tablets to patients include

  • built for infection control
  • continuously powered
  • secure mounts avoid theft, damage and neck pain.

medTAB also has an integrated TV tuner, no dongle, and delivers more than just web OS.

Learn More about Consumer vs. Healthcare Tablets

Learn how easy it is to customize PDi tablets with GENiO web portal:

GENiO Final2


Which PDi arm-mounted medTAB offer camera/mic options for teleconference capability?

medTAB16 or medTAB 19 includes an option to order with camera and an internal microphone to allow video conferencing. The 19" includes the external privacy shutter.

Do PDi arm-mounted TVs offer USB charging?

The medTV16, medTV19, and all medTABs offer charging through the USB ports. Quick charging is available on the medTAB16, medTAB19, and some new 2020 models of medTV19.

Though no longer in production, the medTV14 USB port is designed to be used as a media player only, though some level of phone charging is likely to occur.

How do I view photos from the USB media player on PDi-P14W TVs?

NOTE: P14W sets are no longer available.

If the picture is in either JPEG or BMP format it can be viewed on the P14W through the USB port on the back of the TV.  When you plug in the USB thumb drive it will launch the media viewer input where you can select the files you wish to view. Use the arrows on the front of the P14w or the arrows on the PD108-427 remote control to select images.

NOTE: The current production PDI-P16TV and PDI-P19TV do not work this way.  The USB port on 16" TVs and 19" TVs are only used for TV cloning and firmware updates.

Do PDi Persona P10 TVs have a digital tuner?

There were 3 different versions of P10 TV's. The latest version, P10LCDD does have a digital QAM tuner. The earlier models P10LCD and P10LCDC do not.

The medTV16 is a 16" digital direct replacement to the P10 TVs. This means you can use your existing PDi arms and power supplies and only upgrade the TV.

Does PDI-P15X TV support MPEG4 video?

No, the PDI-P15X does not support MPEG 4 video. 

You can upgrade the TV to our model P19TV which does support MPEG4. This model will also work with your existing arm and power supply, so you only need to replace the TV.

What size is the headphone jack?

1/8" headphone on medTV16, medTV19 and medTAB devices by PDi.


Low-voltage PDi Power Supplies

What are the recommendations for coax with a 10-Tap power supply?

Up to 10 low-voltage TVs can be powered with the central power supply by PDi. 

RG-6 coaxial cable employing a solid copper center conductor and copper shield is required.  Recommended RG-6 coaxial cable numbers to use include AlphaM4182 (replaced Alpha 9804C), Belden 9248, West Penn 806, or West Penn 25806 (plenum). Cable run lengths between the central power supply and room mounted televisions MUST NOT exceed 150 feet.

DO NOT USE copper clad steel center conductor style coax cable. The coax must carry not only cable TV RF signal, but also the AC power up to 150 ft from the central power supply to each television location. Unfortunately, the steel cable offers too much resistance to the low frequency AC power current. The copper clad steel center coax is almost 10 times the electrical resistance compared to a coax with a pure solid copper center conductor.


Which arm TVs offer POE (Power over Ethernet)?

Why PoE? It's easy to balance and ready for IPTV.

The medTV16 and medTAB16 are the industry 's first arm-mounted patient televisions to offer PoE.  These sets can be powered over coax or powered over ethernet.

  • There are many levels of PoE power.  To power PDi devices, use only UL listed power sourcing equipment that offers 72W (60W min) per port using all 4 pairs for power delivery. This is sometimes called UPoE, PoE++ or 3bt type 3.
  • PDi recommends the Microchip Microsemi PD-9506G/ACDC/M midspan power inserter. The PoE midspan power inserter will be positioned near the ethernet switch, with short cables connected to the switch, and longer cables running to each PDi device.
  • 2 midspan port connectors (Data In port and Data/Power out port) are used for each PDi device.
  • 100m (3028ft) homeruns between the power inserter and either medTV16 or medTAB16. 

NOTE: Be sure to order the correct part number for PoE or Coax Power devices.

What is a PDI-771-CA?

PDI-771CA is a cream colored, wall bracket, power supply. It has gone end of life but is replaced by a PDI-871-C.


Large Screen Wall-mounted Smart TVs

How do I setup A-Series large-screen SmartTVs?

PDi has a Quick Start Guide by TV model to assist in programming your TVs out of the box. You may also reference the User Manual. These documents can be found under the Document Library.

Note: The PD108-420 master programming remote is required to setup TV. You can purchase this remote online here.

You may also find PDiUniversity YouTube videos helpful. 

Do PDi wall-mounted televisions work with Pillow Speakers?

Yes. All PDi wall mounted televisions provide a connection for a pillow speaker control. In addition to control of the TV through the wired connection, the TV also provides sound to the pillow speaker for less noise on the floor with private listening.

For A-Series Smart wall TVs, the pillow speaker must be a numeric or navigational keypad having a Back, Last or Guide button.

Which wall-mounted PDi televisions are available with DVD?

All PDi large screen televisions have optional DVD kits that can be field installed at any time. Refer to DVD-Module for more info on our latest DVD kits that work with A-Series TVs.

Which wall-mounted PDi televisions offer SMART technology?

Out of the box, the PDi A-Series TVs provide you with Smart TV features you can use.  No head-end equipment, server, or internet is required to provide patients with pillow-speaker compatible games and relaxation applications. 

PDi also offers Interactive Enhanced Entertainment for A-Series to take patient entertainment to the next level by providing internet access to your patient TVs.

GENiO is an optional cloud-based software tool that allows you to customize your patient engagement experience, affordably and easily. Engage patients with education videos, daily menus, video calls, send messages, patient surveys, and more using Smart A-Series hospital TVs by PDi.  Offer patients the best interactive experience using PDi’s healthcare grade wireless keyboard

PDi also brings long relationships with leading interactive software system vendors who can work with you to create a custom user interface with your own proprietary apps, links to patient portals, etc. 

If you have existing patient education on channels in your head-end, PDi can also create a Patient Education app thereby leveraging your existing investment and technology.

Finally, all SW-Series sold in the Middle Eastern Region or earlier model PDi modular televisions are compatible with the Android Modules by PDi, which can be added anytime. 

Do PDi wall-mounted televisions include a camera/mic?

No, the wall-mounted televisions do not include a camera or a microphone.

Do PDi wall-mounted televisions support hearing aids?

The PDi A-Series wall-mounted televisions are compatible with hearing aids. Easily connect the hearing aids to the TV via wireless Bluetooth technology for an improved experience.

Pillow speaker troubleshooting...

To check the TV pillow speaker connection, PDi TVs use a 3 wire (tip, ring and sleeve) configuration connected by a ¼ inch jack.  There is a SMALL SLIDE SWITCH next to the ¼ inch jack input that may need changed depending on the voltage required by the pillow speaker. 

Our wiring is:

Tip = Audio

Ring = Data

Sleeve = Common

The easiest way to trouble shoot the pillow speaker is to have a pillow speaker with a ¼ inch jack so you can plug directly into the TV and eliminate the wall plates at the head wall and foot wall. 

If you don’t have a pillow speaker that can plug directly into the TV, you can use a meter and check measurements.  You would unplug the ¼ inch jack from the TV and you should see less than 200 ohms from the outside to Common, and greater than 1M ohm from Common to the inside.  If you see anything different then there is a problem with the wiring and not the TV.

Another check you can do with a meter is plug in a ¼ inch to ¼ inch cable into the TV.  With the TV turned on measure the voltage from the common to the data and see what voltage you read.  This will depend on the position of the pillow speaker switch on the back of the TV.  CZ ≈ 12 -13 volts  CP ≈ 5 volts and CR ≈ -5 volts.  

Usually, if the pillow speaker isn’t controlling the TV it is a fault in the wiring either at the wall plate behind the TV or at the bedside wall plate.

For more help, contact PDi ProServices at 


Warranty Information

Need an RMA for warranty repair?

You will find the Return Authorization Form here 

How long is PDi’s standard television warranty?

Effective January 2020, most PDi TV products offer a 3 year standard warranty.

An extended warranty is also available. Read more here Warranty

Is an extended television warranty available?

Yes, PDi offers an optional extended warranty on our televisions.  You can purchase the extended warranty within 1-year of original purchase. See Warranty for more information.

How long is the warranty for support arms?

Effective January 2020, PDi support arms have a 3-Year Limited Warranty.

Is an extended warranty for support arms available?

No, there is no extended warranty for arms by PDi.