General FAQs

Healthcare is our life, not a secondary vertical. PDi is an American Company, committed and dedicated only to the Healthcare Market. Our products are not castoffs from a commercial line of products. Each PDi product has integrated features that facilities and patients expect.

PDi makes unique products. PDi is the North American market leader designing and manufacturing swing arm mounted personal patient devices, and our Modular Healthcare-grade TV’s are the only product in the market with the convenience of plug-and-play DVD or interactive computer options. PDi offers a complete turn-key solution for all your patient entertainment and educational needs.

PDi has dedicated people. From engineer to line worker to sales, every PDi employee understands the complexities of healthcare TV’s and their supporting systems. PDi provides the personal one-on-one customer service and attention you want and that you deserve. PDi’s technical team is ready to help you with everything from programming your PDi televisions to quickly responding to your all inquiries.

At PDi you are not an account, you are our customer – the one who pays our wages. You are a member of the PDi family and PDi is there for you.

Healthcare is PDi’s only business. Since 1980, PDi has made the best healthcare televisions and accessories. PDi offers the broadest healthcare-grade television selection.

  • PDi TV’s are designed and built with heavy-duty, high-quality components. Quality tested and inspected in our ISO Certified facility.
  • All PDi televisions are UL60065 Annex Q Approved for Hospital Use in US and Canada.
  • All PDi televisions are HDTV with 50,000 hour backlight panel lamp life;
  • and, all wall-mounted TV sets have a pillow speaker output.

Of course one can buy televisions at a store for less.

Those commercial televisions cost less because they are not built to take the use and abuse of life in a healthcare facility. Most televisions in a healthcare facility run 18 hours a day – everyday. This extensive use quickly wears out commercial televisions. Also, all PDi wall-mounted sets have a pillow speaker output not found in retail store televisions.

PDi designs and constructs only healthcare-grade, healthcare tough televisions.

Healthcare-grade Televisions, also known as PDi Healthcare-TOUGH, are designed with safety in mind, protecting both patient and facility. Healthcare-grade Televisions meet the stringent requirements of UL60065 and reduce the risk of shock or fires. PDi Healthcare-grade Televisions can connect to Nurse Call/Pillow Speakers and are designed to be powered on almost three times longer than consumer grade televisions.

Healthcare-grade TV’s are designed for infection control and withstand repeated cleanings with the strong chemicals facility staff use to sanitize patient rooms. PDi arm mounted TV’s have antimicrobial key pads to limit Hospital Acquired Conditions (HACs). This has a positive impact on facility Medicare reimbursements.

PDi brings a full suite of solutions to ensure your investment is a value-added resource that provides patient education and connectivity. Education and connectivity improves the knowledge and understanding of patients and their families about the patient’s condition, treatment and steps to wellness. These understandings result in better overall health outcomes and patient satisfaction scores for your facility.

Yes. All PDi patient TV’s have computer capabilities to create an interactive interface. PDi’s arm mounted sets medTAB 14" or medTAB 19" have medTV pre-installed. Any of PDi's modular wall-mounted TV’s can connect to PDi's Android Module to provide an interactive solution.

Yes. From 14” personal televisions to exquisite wall-mounted 50” widescreen LED televisions, PDi offers the televisions, brackets, cabling, power supplies – everything your facility needs, including installation from one of our dedicated partners.

The PDi product portfolio includes:

  • Interactive Android-based televisions.
  • Swing-arm mounted personal televisions.
  • Televisions with a built-in DVD player.
  • Televisions with an integrated computer.
  • Wall-mounted sets and brackets.
  • Swing arms, power supplies, mounts and more.

PDi can also design and build custom mounting solutions to meet all your facility’s needs. A network of proven installers and service personnel are available to assist you no matter what the scale of your project.

Yes. All PDi televisions with a computer are Smart Televisions.

PDi patient TV’s have computer capabilities to create an interactive interface. PDi’s arm mounted sets medTAB 14" or medTAB 19" have medTV pre-installed. Any of PDi's modular wall-mounted TV’s can connect to PDi's Android Module to provide an interactive solution.

These televisions provide connectivity that enables patients to browse the Internet, use their email, video chat, or access and use social media - just as they would at home.



These are available to download from our website. See SOLUTIONS or RESOURCES.

Simply by contacting your PDi distributor. If you do not have a PDI distributor, please contact PDi.

Yes, PDi offers an optional Four-Year Gold Vision Service (GVS) warranty on our televisions.

FAQs Before You Buy an Arm Mounted Set

400-Series Arm

Up to 66” when fully extended.

500-Series Arm

Up to 58” when fully extended.

1000-Series Arm

The 1000-Series Arm has a reach like no other arm in the industry. Fully-extended, the 1000-Series Arm reaches 71.5 inches.

The rigid extruded aluminum 1000-Series Arm supports up to 21 lbs.

Ten TV’s

In addition to a black, cream or gray cabinet color for arm-mounted sets, are other cabinet colors available? Please call PDi to discuss special order cabinets.

PDi’s arm mounted sets with touchscreesn are medTAB 14" or medTAB 19" and have medTV pre-installed. Any of PDi's modular wall-mounted TV’s can connect to PDi's Android Module to provide an interactive solution.

medTAB 19" includes camera/mic standard with privacy shutter and an internal microphone to allow video conferencing

medTAB 14" offers the option for camera/mic.

Both have medTV pre-installed. 

PDi offers the only healthcare-grade stand alone DVD in the market, the PDI-DVD-SH which works with all arm mounted TV’s. PDi also designs and builds a DVD player module to attach to the back of E-Series wall TVs.

FAQs Before You Buy a Wall Mounted TV

PDi wall mounted televisions provide a connection for a pillow speaker control. In addition to control of the TV through the wired connection, the TV also provides sound to the pillow speaker for private listening.

All PDi modular televisions have DVD capability that can be ordered and factory installed, or the optional DVD can be field installed at a later date.

All PDi modular televisions have computer capability that can be ordered and factory installed or the optional computer can be field installed.