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Enhanced Entertainment on Healthcare TVs in a Snap

Posted by Cat Saettel on Jul 24, 2018 1:56:37 PM

Do you wish you could provide more entertainment and relaxation features through your patient TVs without the added cost or long set-up process that interactive patient systems require? 

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Topics: Patient Experience, Technology

PDi Unveils Healthcare-Grade Patient Televisions with Enhanced Entertainment Features, Made Simple

Posted by Cat Saettel on Jun 13, 2018 10:27:44 AM

Healthcare-grade TVs offer patients added entertainment and relaxation options, no internet required. 

No internet, no problem! Driven by the mission of improving patient experience with entertainment technology since 1980, PDi Communication Systems, Inc., launched a unique line of large screen, healthcare-grade flat panel LED patient HDTV televisions that have integrated smart apps: The PDi A-Series. These TVs offer patients added entertainment and relaxation options for facilities not yet ready to turn on internet access. PDi is the nation’s largest manufacturer of complete healthcare-grade entertainment solutions from 14” arm-mounted tv or touchscreen systems thru 55” wall TVs. The A-Series by PDi is available in screen sizes 24”, 32”, 42” and 55”.

The A-Series changes the game in patient entertainment by using simple, thoughtful technology and design to provide more entertainment options to offer patients now, while providing a smart future-proof choice. 

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Less Noise, Less Light, and More Engagement

Posted by Cat Saettel on Dec 4, 2017 1:00:00 PM

Dayton Children’s Hospital takes healthcare innovation and patient comfort to new heights in its new 8-story patient tower, which opened in June 2017 in Dayton, OH. From the first steps inside, the tower feels less like a sterile hospital and more like a children’s adventure land to explore. Full of color, open space and interactive play areas for kids, the theme of the tower pays tribute to Dayton’s key role in the innovation of human flight. Everywhere guests look they see “things that fly.” As patients and guests travel up to the patient floors, they encounter cutting edge patient technology for entertainment, education and more.

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