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The Top Five Qualities of a Healthcare Improver

Couple of doctors talking and using a tablet computer

Healthcare improvers are paving the way to the future in the healthcare industry. They are adopters of technology, pioneers of new processes and champions for problem solving. Healthcare improvers help make patients’ lives and experiences better.

Healthcare improvers realize that today’s healthcare experience is generally not as good as it could be. Patients could be receiving higher levels of care, having better experiences and understanding their health more fully. Providers, too, could be more innovative and ready to adapt to future technology.

Being a healthcare improver takes a special set of skills and characteristics. They are forward-thinkers who tend to naturally embody certain qualities that help them be successful. Read on to see if you or someone you know has the qualities of a healthcare improver.


Characteristics of a Healthcare Improver

1. Always Asks Questions

Because healthcare improvers are always looking for new solutions, they end up asking a lot of questions. Having a strong sense of internal curiosity is very beneficial for improvers, even if it leads them down a more negative path. Sometimes they seek out existing or potential problems so they can begin brainstorming solutions.

2. Risk Takers

Moving forward, generating new ideas and suggesting changes aren’t easy tasks. Healthcare improvers are risk takers who are willing to offer thoughts that might get turned down by the final decision-makers. Because of this, they tend to have thick skin and are not easily deterred. If one idea is rejected, they’ve likely got a list of other thoughts to offer in its place, or they’re ready to start looking for new solutions.

3. Ready to Accept Changes

This should be apparent, but healthcare improvers are ready to accept and implement changes in their facilities. They understand that change sometimes requires growing pains, especially big changes or those that involve technology. Improvers are already looking on the bright side and seeing the future and how changes will impact their patients, rather than focusing on the in-the-moment challenges of making upgrades and changes.

4. Eager to Lead

While healthcare improvers don’t have to be leaders in their organization, they often are, or at least are interested into working towards a leadership role. Because they focus so much on making change, it’s easier for them to be in a position of leadership so they’re able to implement and execute those changes. They also tend to have natural leadership qualities, like accountability and integrity, being able to motivate others and good communication skills. Each of these skills also helps them suggest and implement changes.

5. Focused on Personal Growth

Finally, healthcare improvers are always thinking about their own personal growth. Just as they want to make patients’ lives better, they’re also looking for improvement in their own lives. Whether they attend conferences, read personal development books, listen to podcasts or find a mentor, healthcare improvers are constantly looking for ways to grow.


So, there you have it: our top five qualities of healthcare improvers. They listen to patients and providers empathetically to understand what problems they’re facing. Then, they suggest solutions, whether that’s personal patient technology to improve the experience or renovating the children’s wing to become more user-friendly. Improvers are constantly ready to make suggestions with the goal of creating a better experience for patients and providers.

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