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PDi Personal Patient TVs in 6 Healthcare Settings

PDi Personal Patient TVs in 6 Healthcare Settings

In the world of healthcare technology, personal patient TVs have emerged as valuable tools. These solutions offer more than just entertainment – they bring practical benefits that enhance patient well-being and streamline healthcare operations.

PDi specializes in designing patient-centric systems that seamlessly adapt to different healthcare settings. Our TVs are customized to address the specific challenges faced by both healthcare providers and patients, making care more personal and effective.

Let's explore six popular applications of PDi patient TVs:

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Dialysis and Infusion Treatment Centers

For patients undergoing dialysis and infusion treatments, the journey can often be long and monotonous. Personal patient TVs offer a welcome source of distraction and entertainment, making time pass more quickly.

Additionally, when patients are engaged with entertainment, healthcare providers may find it easier to perform procedures, administer medications, and monitor patients. This leads to smoother and more efficient operations for healthcare staff.

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VA Hospitals

VA hospitals can be overwhelming for veterans experiencing physical and emotional challenges. Personal patient TVs provide comforting entertainment, creating a more positive and reassuring atmosphere.

These TVs also serve as a way to share important information with veterans. From displaying health-related videos to available services within the VA system, they cater to veterans' needs, featuring adaptable controls, closed captioning, and multiple language options.

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In busy hospital settings, personal patient TVs play a vital role in engaging patients. They serve as platforms for displaying educational materials, health information, and instructional videos, empowering patients to actively participate in their care journey.

Additionally, these TVs help fill the gaps in interactions between healthcare providers and patients, especially during wait times, recovery periods, and outpatient procedures.

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Senior Living Facilities

Senior living facilities greatly benefit from personal patient TVs. These TVs offer stimulating content that helps maintain cognitive function. Seniors can also use the TVs to stay connected with their support networks when in-person interaction is limited, fostering a sense of belonging.

Personal patient TVs also serve as a way to deliver important health-related information, medication schedules, exercise routines, and wellness tips, promoting the overall well-being of residents.


Post Acute/Rehab Centers

Patients undergoing intensive therapies and rehabilitation find comfort in personal patient TVs during their downtime. These TVs provide engaging activities like cognitive exercises, memory games, and puzzles, contributing to the recovery of cognitive function and motor skills.

Additionally, educational content, including instructional videos on exercise techniques and self-care routines, complements rehabilitation goals, helping patients manage their health post-discharge.

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Outpatient Surgery Centers

Surgery can be an anxiety-inducing experience, and personal patient TVs are there to help ease those feelings. Offering distraction and relaxation both before and after surgery, these TVs allow patients to immerse themselves in entertainment, reducing stress.

Moreover, personal patient TVs help manage patient flow and time, reducing perceived wait times during procedures. They also serve as platforms for delivering pre-operative and post-operative instructions, educational materials, and procedure details, enhancing patient understanding and compliance.

Final Thoughts

PDi is dedicated to making healthcare experiences more comfortable and connected for both patients and healthcare teams. Our patient TVs offer the perfect blend of technology, comfort, and connection.

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