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Extend your TV display coverage up to 5 years.

You have one year from original purchase date to purchase an extended TV warranty on PDi TV displays sold in the US or Canada. 

Standard Limited Warranty Extended Limited Warranty
Effective Feb 1, 12024

Effective Jan-2020

Material Defects
Manufacturing Defects
medTV 14" - 16" - 19"
3 years
5 years
medTAB 14"-16"-19"-22"
3 Years
5 Years
A-Series TVs 24" - 65"
3 Years
5 Years
PDi Arms
• 1400-Series arms with 5/8” (0.625 inch) base pin, 500-Series arms with 5/8” (0.625 inch) base pin, 1000-Series arms with 5/8” (0.625 inch) base pin, 7-year limited warranty from date of original purchase (does not apply to cables within the arm).• All other PDi arms not stated above, 3-year limited warranty from date of original purchase (does not apply to cables within the arm).
PDi Power Supplies
3 Years
Mid-East Market Displays
2 Years
Other peripherals
Includes minimods and accessories
Varies, minimum 1-Year
Extended Service
Free Shipping
PDi always pays to ship BACK your repairs/replacements under Standard Warranty. With Extended Warranty, PDi offers Free Shipping both ways.
90-day DOA Return Policy
Advanced Replacement in as few as 48 hours
Expedited Repairs

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