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PDi Unveils Televisions with More Entertainment Technology


Medical-grade TVs offer patients added entertainment and relaxation options, no internet required.

No internet, no problem! PDi Communication Systems, Inc. has been driven by the mission of improving patient experience with entertainment technology since 1980. They launched a line of large screen, medical-grade, flat panel LED patient HDTV televisions. These televisions have integrated smart apps: The PDi A-Series.

These TVs offer patients added entertainment and relaxation options for facilities not yet ready to turn on internet access. PDi is the nation’s largest manufacturer of complete medical-grade entertainment solutions. This includes 14” arm-mounted tv or touchscreen systems and 55” wall TVs. The A-Series by PDi is available in screen sizes 24”, 32”, 42” and 55”.

The A-Series changes the game in patient entertainment by using simple, thoughtful entertainment technology. The design provides more entertainment options to offer patients now, while providing a smart future-proof choice. 

Easily connect to additional smart app features or interactive patient systems later. Along with standard TV, the A-Series TVs offer integrated relaxation and gaming apps. Patients can easily navigate a medTV icon-based app menu with a numeric or navigational pillow speaker.

These apps require no internet connection for patients to use, making the A-Series a simple plug-n-play solution. There are no additional computer module or internet hookups necessary.

Product Manager Marisa Vilardo describes the advantages of the A-Series TVs here:

“The PDi A-Series TVs provide ultimate flexibility for facilities as they move from simple TV to full interactive TV. Out-of-the-box, facilities can choose simple TV or immediately make use of smart features that do not require internet. Future enhanced app options will be available from PDi or facilities can leverage the Android™.”

The A-Series TV is equipped with Pro:Idiom so patients can access more TV channels. When a patient wishes to switch up their entertainment from TV programming, they can easily access the simple medTV menu.

There are 8 pre-installed games such as: The Greedy Grub, Storm Cat, Witch Runner, Mining, Fishing, and Trivia. Additionally, patients mat choose from 3 soothing relaxation apps with sounds and imagery. These features allow the patient distractions to engage and have fun, or to relax and ease their minds as they heal.

“Customers really appreciate the cost-effective options of the A-Series by PDi. They like that PDi designed the A-Series to implement as TV only or for using enhanced apps without requiring internet. Many customers are not yet ready with internet access.” said Jim Mick, VP of Sales and General Manager.

The A-Series is designed to meet healthcare standards. The A-Series is UL-Listed and has standard features. These include universal pillow speaker recognition, volume limiters, multi-bed codes, closed captioning, cloning capability, and more.

Also, PDi’s rear-mounted DVD modules and mounting kits are compatible with the PDi A-Series televisions. This provides even more entertainment technology or patient education options.

PDi also manufactures and supplies complete TV mounting solutions for the A-Series TVs that meet every facility’s need. This includes Articulating Wall Mounts, Flat Wall Mounts, Table Stands, Secure Table Stands, and Ceiling Mounts with the highest quality. This ensures a secure attachment that will stand the test of time in a healthcare environment.

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