Improve Communications with Senior Living Residents

TV technology to deliver the comforts of home. 


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Keep your residents happy, safe, and feeling connected. 


Senior living centers, nursing homes, and assisted living centers have the same goal: to provide quality care to your residents. Care often takes on two meanings: to provide healthcare to meet the needs of residents, and to do so in a truly caring and compassionate, human way.

By prioritizing care above everything else, staff can reassure residents and their families that they are truly in the right place.

5 Steps to Planning a Great TV Experience

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Ease Emotional Isolation

Deploy the simplest video call experience and safely connect residents to doctors, friends & families.


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Satisfy Staff and Senior Residents

All appreciate the great audio quality of forward speakers, wireless capability, and headphone jack to help minimize noise on the floor.


Explore Personal TVs

CU LTC TonyRelax LR

Calm Residents with Relaxation

Enhanced entertainment built-in, like relaxation, helps distract and satisfy residents.

No internet required. 


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UL-Listed Products

Built to endure long hours of use daily, all PDi devices are made for healthcare safety.

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PDi ProServices provides integrated solutions and comprehensive technical support to ensure your satisfaction.


PDi has focused solely on healthcare entertainment since 1980. 


Download Why Healthcare-Grade TVs Matter


Want to offer safe, proven patient technology? Download this infographic to learn more about the benefits of using healthcare-grade hospital tvs and learn more about medTV®, PDi’s latest brand of healthcare-grade patient televisions and touchscreen tablets. 


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