Complete arm-mounted personal patient TV systems

Designed for your patient's comfort, entertainment, and information.


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Patient Safety

Designed for healthcare safety, especially for patient with an IV.


Patient Comfort

Manufacturing complete TV mounts to reach patients in every space.



Design for backwards compatibility to leverage your investment.

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Clinic Arm Systems by PDi w Purple Chairs

Personal Arm TVs Built to Fit Every Healthcare Space

PDi is a US-based manufacturer.  Since 1980, PDi has designed arm-mounted TV solutions to fit a wide range of different healthcare settings.

There isn't much we haven't seen and solved already.

Utilize PDi's engineering expertise in your project to ensure the right TV system works in your unique patient environment. Invite our PDi ProServices team to help you plan a turnkey patient TV solution.

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PDi TV Displays

Simple TVs and Touchscreen Smart TVs

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"Our Mission is to help patients, their families, and healthcare providers cope with the anxiety and boredom of treatment and improve the experience with entertainment and information."

Why we are in business

by Lou Vilardo

"...When I answered the phone he was happy to have caught me... His Dad is in a hospital in Northern Kentucky struggling with a terminal illness and right next to his bed is a brand new PDi P14 TV. He said the TV has brought his Dad and family a lot of solace these past several weeks.

His dad can’t wear his glasses because of his condition, so being able to pull that screen up close allows him to watch TV and be distracted from his sickness and his treatment.

As an owner and employee, it’s very gratifying to get a call like this. It helps remind me that our business really does make a difference in people’s lives. It also tells me that our Mission Statement is still relevant and meaningful."

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Why choose PDi arm TVs versus wall TVs for your patient experience?

  • Greater Patient Comfort
  • It’s Personal
  • Offers More Patient Privacy
  • Less Noise, Less Light, Better Rest
  • Easy to See for Sick or Elderly (16” = 90”)
  • Configurable for Many Healthcare Spaces
  • Empowers Patients to Interact
  • Patient Safety versus Consumer Tablets

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Do you realize a 16" arm TV is equal to a 90" wall TV experience? Some facilities do both!


Did you know, foam packaging in PDi arm TVs is made from recycled plastic and is recyclable?

At PDi, we care about the environment.

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