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PDi to show innovation in patient technology at HIMSS 2017 


Innovative Technology Showcase in Intelligent Health Pavilion in Orlando, FL.

 Every year, the Intelligent Health Pavilion is a must stop at the Annual HIMSS Conference. That’s because it is the best way to experience cutting edge technology used in healthcare ecosystems and to interact with advancements in the Internet of Things (IoT) in one place. Visitors of the Intelligent Health Pavilion tour an intelligent hospital and smart medical home “set” to discover how cutting edge technology and solutions sync with the real world to improve health and outcomes of patients.

Last year, PDi’s Software Engineer, Brian Muse attended HIMSS and toured the Intelligent Health Pavilion.

"Visiting the Intelligent Health Pavilion last year was very cool because it was a glimpse of where healthcare technology is headed in the near future. As a technical guy I was very impressed with how technology can increase efficiency and quality of care."

On Feb. 20-22 2017, PDi will be “on set” throughout the HIMSS Intelligent Health Pavilion. As the Platinum Display Technology Sponsor at HIMSS Intelligent Health Pavilion, attendees will notice PDi’s innovative displays working throughout the 20,000 sq ft floor space. PDi displays will welcome attendees into the IHA Pavilion, be operating and in context within the healthcare application demonstration rooms, as wayfinding support devices on the floor, and available to explore close up in the NuTech Demo Zone.

“We are thrilled to be working closely with visionary Harry Pappas, CEO extraordinaire of the Intelligent Health Association (IHA), and feel welcomed into the family of sponsors for the Intelligent Health Pavilion,” said PDi Marketing Manager, Cat Saettel. “Working closely together, we strive to exude the goal to transform healthcare in many settings, and to show HIMSS attendees a glimpse of where innovation in healthcare entertainment and seamless communication is headed today.”


IHA 2016 i--HOME-9.jpg


PDi’s interactive patient televisions, PDi-TAB2, P-19, and E-Series displays, will be featured in the Intelligent Hospital and the iHome Suite. PDi will even debut an entirely new product offering in the iHome Suite. In this space, live “in context” scenarios with actors will demonstrate how a PDi enhanced patient experience will affect patient engagement and improve outcomes for the patient.

Attendees can interact with the next generation of Healthcare-grade TV by visiting the NuTech Demo Zone #51 to personally experience the PDi-TAB2 device. This 14” bedside all-in-one touchscreen arm-mounted solution can change the game in your healthcare facility by bringing an interactive, educational and empowering entertainment device within reach of the patient.

PDi will also be presenting in the IHA Innovation Theater.

  • On Monday at 12:00 p.m. Feb. 20th, guests will hear “Home-based Technology for the Continuum of Care” by Jim Mick - General Manager of PDi.
  • On Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. Feb. 22nd, Glen Rocco, who brings nearly 30 years of healthcare industry experience, will present “The Benefits of Healthcare-Grade Patient Devices” by Glen Rocco - Director of Business Development.

To fully understand the power of PDi technology, visitors can find PDi at IHA Kiosk #13 to speak with a Patient Engagement Specialist from PDi where you can view more creative applications and explore the full range of possibilities PDi technology offers for your patient spaces and a variety of healthcare facility types.

IHP 2016 HIMSS sponsors1.jpg


Our team at PDi is looking forward to meeting you at HIMSS 2017 to exchange ideas, share inspiration and show you the latest new technology.

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Photos provided by Intelligent Health Association.

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