5 Patient Engagement Facets HCAHPS Really Cares About…Do You?

Posted by Lynn Schutte on Apr 19, 2019 11:56:03 AM

You already know that HCAHPS measures your patients’ interactions with doctors and nurses, their environment, overall experiences, understanding, and discharge proceedings. These topics and questions are great for gathering data, but it can be difficult to understand how to actually make changes to improve your scores. For instance, you can provide education and explain new treatments and changes to your patients, but it’s hard to know if that information is going to stay with them. How will they measure and rate their understanding? It’s hard to say.

What if, instead of focusing on the HCAHPS questions, you focused on five key elements of patient engagement? Prioritize satisfying and delighting your patients through their engagement and experience in your facilities. Focus on the patient and improved HCAHPS will follow. Let’s take a look at those five key elements.

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The Top 5 Podcasts about the Patient Experience

Posted by Lynn Schutte on Mar 19, 2019 9:29:00 AM

You know that the patient experience is quickly becoming one of the most important aspects of the entire healthcare experience. Patients want quality care, and HCAHPS regulations have made the patient experience a key part of value-based care.

If you’re looking to increase your understanding of the patient experience, we’ve put together a list of five podcasts that focus on the patient experience. Tune into one of these podcasts on your commute or while you’re grabbing a post-work run and expand your knowledge and ability to give patients an excellent experience.

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Comparison: Consumer-grade Tablets vs Healthcare-grade

Posted by Lynn Schutte on Jan 17, 2019 11:22:42 AM

Patients can easily feel lonely during infusion therapy or a hospital stay. Healthcare organizations can help ease this by providing technology that not only makes patients feel more comfortable, but also connects them to their friends, family, and entertainment or distractions they prefer. Many facilities staff choose to install wall-mounted televisions that use a pillow speaker control, but those can feel impersonal.

The other option, equal to a 90” wall TV experience, is to provide some form of personal tablet experience.  Tablet options are typically either hospital-owned consumer-grade tablets or personal UL-Listed healthcare-grade arm-mounted TV-tablet touchscreen displays. Tablets can provide infotainment, telehealth capabilities, translation services, and social connectivity through social media, email and more. While some consumer-grade and healthcare-grade tablets can offer these benefits, let’s see how they match up on some critical requirements for performance in healthcare environments.

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Planning for a Successful Bedside TV Installation

Posted by Lynn Schutte on Dec 17, 2018 2:56:36 PM

Patients really appreciate the quality experience a personal bedside entertainment system can provide during their stay. It’s very important to think about all aspects of the patient experience together with the project needs before ordering and installing patient TVs. Our checklist here will inform you of the most important considerations you should consider early in this decision process.


Planning the cabling you will need to have installed, the incoming signal source, the type of mount that best fits your application, and how you will power the bedside devices will ensure you protect yourself from costly fixes in the future. This preparation work ensures that all equipment is compatible and that any peripheral devices needed are addressed and ordered at once. A professional installation by experienced technicians will alleviate your concerns and help transform your patient experience.

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9 Ways to Mount a Personal Patient Device

Posted by Erin Todd on Oct 15, 2018 3:46:44 PM

Space is a commodity in patient areas. When designing patient areas in healthcare facilities, thoughtful consideration must be made for medical equipment placement, providing ample room for staff and guests, and the placement of amenities such as the patient TV also must be well planned.

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The Anatomy of a Well-designed Arm TV System

Posted by Erin Todd on Jul 31, 2018 3:31:29 PM


When evaluating entertainment solutions for your patient experience, you want to be sure the device and connected hardware are safe, proven, reliable, and are intuitive to patients. Here’s a holistic overview of elements you should inspect to ensure you select the best arm-mounted bedside entertainment system for your patients.  
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Enhanced Entertainment on Healthcare TVs in a Snap

Posted by Cat Saettel on Jul 24, 2018 1:56:37 PM

Do you wish you could provide more entertainment and relaxation features through your patient TVs without the added cost or long set-up process that interactive patient systems require? 

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PDi Unveils Healthcare-Grade Patient Televisions with Enhanced Entertainment Features, Made Simple

Posted by Cat Saettel on Jun 13, 2018 10:27:44 AM

Healthcare-grade TVs offer patients added entertainment and relaxation options, no internet required. 

No internet, no problem! Driven by the mission of improving patient experience with entertainment technology since 1980, PDi Communication Systems, Inc., launched a unique line of large screen, healthcare-grade flat panel LED patient HDTV televisions that have integrated smart apps: The PDi A-Series. These TVs offer patients added entertainment and relaxation options for facilities not yet ready to turn on internet access. PDi is the nation’s largest manufacturer of complete healthcare-grade entertainment solutions from 14” arm-mounted tv or touchscreen systems thru 55” wall TVs. The A-Series by PDi is available in screen sizes 24”, 32”, 42” and 55”.

The A-Series changes the game in patient entertainment by using simple, thoughtful technology and design to provide more entertainment options to offer patients now, while providing a smart future-proof choice. 

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Four Ways to Better User Experience in Healthcare

Posted by Lynn Schutte on Aug 18, 2017 11:00:00 AM


User Experience (or UX) is the term that describes all aspects of a consumer’s interaction with a company, primarily those interactions that use technology. It is valuable because the quality of the user experience will influence whether the user chooses to come back and interact with the business again or recommend it to others. In healthcare, this is extremely valuable. First, a good user experience can influence a patient’s responses on exit surveys, which can only mean good things for you. Furthermore, going to the doctor or the hospital is not commonly thought of as a fun experience; patients are there because they must be there, and emotions are often running high. Creating a good user experience can help ease the stresses, frustrations, and discomfort the patients and their loved ones are feeling.

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10 Questions To Ask Before Purchasing Healthcare-Grade TVs

Posted by Erin Todd on Jun 9, 2017 3:30:00 PM

When shopping for entertainment solutions for patients, providers want to be sure the devices are safe, reliable, and are technically intuitive so they meet the high standards expected in healthcare. Since technology is constantly evolving, it can be challenging to know how displays differ technically from looking at them on the outside. Here's a checklist to check the hardware and software of the televisions to know if they are up to snuff to advance your facility to the cutting edge of technology and keep you there for years to come.

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