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5 Must-Listen Podcasts for Healthcare Facility Managers

5 Must-Listen Podcasts for Healthcare Facility Managers

Staying informed and current is crucial for facility managers looking to navigate the ever-changing landscape of the healthcare industry. With so many emerging trends and shifts towards value-based care, it's important to continuously seek out new information and perspectives. One great way to stay informed is by tuning into healthcare podcasts that offer strategies and solutions from industry experts and thought leaders.

In this post, we've compiled a list of the 5 must-listen podcasts for healthcare facility managers. These podcasts offer valuable insights for anyone seeking to make a positive impact on the healthcare experiences of their patients. Grab your headphones and give them a listen!


"Becker’s Healthcare Podcast”, by Becker’s Healthcare

Presented by Becker’s Healthcare, the leading hospital magazine for business news and analysis, this award-winning podcast features conversations with esteemed healthcare professionals on the latest trends and innovations in healthcare. With nine spinoffs covering every area and niche of the healthcare industry, this series offers unparalleled coverage of the most relevant healthcare topics today.

Don't miss the episode featuring Dr. Eyal Klang, as he discusses the current and future applications of AI in healthcare and how clinician-led ideation is leading to significant advancements across the profession.

“Radio Advisory”, by The Advisory Board Company

Produced by renowned healthcare research firm, The Advisory Board Company, this series offers thought-provoking insights and practical tools to help healthcare leaders navigate the complex challenges they face. With discussions on everything from workforce shortages to health equity strategy, this podcast covers timely and relevant topics that all healthcare facility managers need to know.

Tune into the episode featuring Paul Trigonoplos and John League, as they discuss why provider-vendor partnerships often fail and how leaders can cultivate strategic alignment and common goals.

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“Advancing Health”, by the American Hospital Association (AMA)

Presented by the American Hospital Association, this series offers an in-depth look at the healthcare industry through the lens of hospital and health system leaders. With conversations that cover everything from patient care to healthcare policy, this podcast provides valuable insights on the most pressing issues facing healthcare facility managers today.

Check out the episode that reviews the AMA’s recently released 2023 Costs of Caring Report, documenting the skyrocketing growth in expenses post-pandemic, specifically the cost of labor.

“Healthcare Happy Hour”, by the National Association of Benefits and Insurance Professionals (NABIP)

Hosted by the National Association of Benefits and Insurance Professionals, this technical podcast dives deep into the world of healthcare policy, compliance, and regulation. Featuring candid conversations and insightful discussions with healthcare executives, this series is the ultimate resource for staying up-to-date on the latest policies, legislation, and news impacting healthcare organizations.

Don't miss the episode with Jennifer Berman, NABIP Legislative Council Manager and CEO of MZQ Consulting, as she offers essential insights on the end of the Covid-19 emergency periods.


“The Healthcare Leadership Experience”, by VIE Healthcare Consulting

Presented by VIE Healthcare Consulting, this is the ultimate podcast for healthcare facility managers looking to become well-rounded professionals. With discussions that cover a wide range of clinical and business-related topics such as strategy, finance, patient satisfaction, leadership, communication, and marketing, this series offers practical advice that can help you enhance your leadership performance.

Be sure to listen to episode 60, featuring Lisa Miller and Jim Cagliostro, on innovative cost-saving ideas for hospitals in 2023.

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Are you going to try out any of these podcasts? If so, let us know which was your favorite in the comments below!

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