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Customize your patient engagement experience, affordably and easily. GENiO cloud-based platform works on PDi medTV Smart hospital TV displays up to 55" and medTAB® touchscreens.

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Why choose GENiO by PDi?

Patients understand and use it as soon as they try it.


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Consistently Educate Patients



Improve Staff Workflows


Survey Patients & Measure Instant Results


Cloud-based Remote Management, No ADT


Expand Entertainment


Market Your Brand & Services, like Telehealth

  • The affordable patient engagement solution to bring comfort to your patients

  • Available on medTAB® Smart personal patient touch screen TVs and A-Series Smart hospital TVs by PDi

  • Flexible pricing, including no monthly fees option

  • Easily add your facility branding and weblinks

  • Protect patient’s personal data privacy

  • Less risk - cloud-based, no onsite server needed. No ADT.

  • Backwards compatible to many existing PDi TVs having built-in keyboard and camera/mic

A-Series MyChart 2 (1)


Do more with medTV Smart by PDi

Compatible with Epic MyChart Bedside TV.

Watch how patients benefit from PDi SmartTVs at Geisinger St. Luke's hospital. You too can leverage your Epic investment by providing patients with access to real-time health information with Epic MyChart Bedside TV.

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What makes GENiO the affordable patient engagement solution?

GENiO by PDi is cloud-based which means no on-site server expense.

We offer a one-time customization fee or an annual subscription to add custom weblinks and apps that matter to your patient engagement experience.

PDi also designed GENiO to work on older model PDi A-Series hospital TVs and medTAB touchscreen devices so you don't need to buy new sets!

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How will a PDi touchscreen TV fit in my healthcare facility?

PDi only builds solutions for healthcare. There isn't much we haven't solved for already for renovations or new construction projects.

Check out our blog on 9 ways to mount PDi TVs to see how we've helped others!

What advantages do medTABs have over iPads?

We get this question a lot!

Patient safety and comfort top the list! Read more on Why iPads are bad for patients.

What is a complete patient TV system?

When evaluating personal patient TV solutions, you want to be sure the TV and connected hardware are designed to safely work together and intuitive for patients to use.

This requires a complete system that has:
  • A TV display
  • An arm and secure mount to comfortably reach your patients
  • A safe low-voltage power supply
  • Broadcast signal distribution equipment
  • Guaranteed installation services
US-based PDi builds and installs complete personal patient television systems, so no surprises.

There are many technical factors in finding the exact solution you need.  If you need the full solution, PDi is the most trusted US manufacturer to provide everything you need for safe, fully integrated and customizable patient entertainment. Let us help you!

Why choose PDi vs consumer TV brands?

For over 40 years, PDi has focused only on TVs for the healthcare market. Read more about the benefits of working with an American manufacturer here:

Read more on the benefits of PDi

Do PDi displays work with hospital pillow speakers?

Yes. All PDi wall mounted televisions provide a connection for a pillow speaker control. In addition to control of the TV through the wired connection, the TV also provides sound to the pillow speaker for less noise on the floor with private listening.

For A-Series Smart wall TVs, the pillow speaker must be a numeric or navigational keypad having a Back, Last or Guide button. For some GENiO custom apps, a wireless medical keyboard may be required. 

Also, while uncommon, the medTAB touchscreen displays can accommodate a pillow speaker input. You must order this at the time of original equipment supply.

Using IPTV or changing from analog to digital signal lineup?

If your cable provider is changing from an analog signal to digital, GENiO can push digital RF lineup "majors and minors"  to all TVs.  If you use IPTV, GENiO can easily toggle between cable and IPTV sources for your patients! 

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