Stand Out in Educating Patients at Your Surgery Center

Smart Solutions for Single Specialty Centers

Are you a single specialty center, perhaps focused on Upper GI/endoscopy or colonoscopy? Why not deliver the touchscreen patient experience in the individual consultation rooms and share similar educational content on healthcare-grade wall TVs in waiting room areas?

Information you repeat over and over again to ensure safe care and follow-up post procedures can be displayed on a large screen television in the lobby.

medTAB® Touchscreen Tablets

medTV® Smart Wall TVs

Pre-op and post-op information

Provides general video information

Patient can rewind/pause

Plays continuous patient education

Used to prompt questions

Gets patients thinking

Share consent forms

Can help answer questions

Familiar experience

Keeps people calm

Familiar touchscreen interaction

Informs caregivers too

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Are you searching for a consistent approach to educate patients at your Ambulatory Surgery Center?

PDi can help. With 40 years of healthcare-specific experience, we are experts in delivering the best patient experience.

Consistent education will help to ensure your patients and their caretakers or family members feel equipped with the knowledge they need to continue post-op care. Following a consistent approach to educating your patients also improves your workflow staff efficiencies. 


Physician-owned ASCs are helping to change the face of the healthcare industry.

The primary focus of freestanding ASCs and the physicians who establish them is to provide their patients with the best possible surgical experience.

Do you wish you could show patients video education from YouTube? Maybe you have DIY education content you were brave enough to record yourself! Either way, we can help save you time and money by helping you build a consistent process to educate patients right the first time.

Ohio-based PDi sets the standard of excellence in customizing software to deliver a cost-effective solution for ASCs. We design, build, program, install and service complete healthcare-grade patient TV and TV-tablet solutions.

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Compare Healthcare-Grade Patient Technology vs Consumer Tablets

You might be wondering… why should you choose a healthcare-grade TV or tablet? 

    Patient safety and infection control are critical aspects of healthcare. Healthcare TV products need to be built to meet the stringent standards for sanitation in healthcare settings.
    Minimize the risk of damage from being dropped or theft.
    The need to charge consumer-based tablets can take up precious staff resources and time away from patient care.
Why Healthcare TVs Matter

Helping You Focus on Educating Outpatient Surgery Patients

The medTAB personal, healthcare-grade HDTV-TABLET system is the preferred solution for surgery patients to interact with for training and education to set outpatient care expectations. medTAB also offers traditional TV. Available in a 14” , 16" or 19" touchscreen display, the medTAB is designed for patient safety, low-voltage and powered by PDi. 

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medTAB offers a cost-effective, proven way to share pre-op and post-op education to make the process as smooth as possible for your patients. It also provides patients the flexibility to learn at their pace. Many patients can benefit from reviewing the same information multiple times - in fact, they’d often prefer to be able to review it.

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Learn more about how to differentiate your patient experience with valuable education to meet your surgery center’s unique needs.

As the manufacturer, PDi offers a variety of proven, cost-effective ways to mount the medTAB patient displays.

Provide easy access to educate patients anywhere in your facility. 

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Education Where You Need It, When You Need It



Patients often want to be engaged with as people first and patients second. Prioritizing person-centric care at your ASC can improve the patient experience, and this can begin with decisions about technology.

Keeping the patient experience in mind is what can help set your ASC apart from the others in your area. For many patients, their experience is one of the most important parts of healthcare.

Ready to improve your patient education experience with safe, proven patient technology by PDi?

Learn more about the benefits of using healthcare-grade hospital tvs and learn more about medTV®, PDi’s latest brand of healthcare-grade patient televisions and touchscreen tablets.

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