Treatment Centers and TV Technology: How to Make the Right Choices

Are you an independent, small clinic owner? Are you struggling with patient TV technology choices? Do you desire to entertain and educate your patients, consistently?

PDi can help.

With 40 years of experience, we are experts in delivering the best patient experience. Perhaps surprisingly, the patient experience begins long before a patient sets foot in a healthcare clinic.

Patients who go to dialysis or treatment centers, are often there for extended periods of time. Patients may be bored and, depending on their situation, they may or may not be able to pass the time by reading, sleeping or interacting with those around them. Providing consistent entertainment that patients can access on their own terms is a great way to meet their needs and enhance their experience.

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PDi has focused solely on healthcare entertainment solutions since 1980. 


The PDi team did an excellent job at our dialysis center. Thank you for the prompt response.

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Dave at a dialysis center in Ohio

Considering SATELLITE, CABLE or IPTV INTERNET STREAMING TECHNOLOGIES for your treatment center? We can help save you time and money by helping you do it right the first time. PDi sets the standard of excellence in customer service and support for healthcare entertainment systems. We build, install and service complete solutions at the point-of-care or headend.

You might be wondering...

  1. How can we differentiate and improve our patient experience?
  2. How important is it to us to keep patients distracted or entertained during long treatment hours? 

At PDi, we realize infusion and dialysis patients endure long hours of repeat treatments, and it’s important to offer options to distract, entertain and educate patients.

  1. What is the age range of our patients and the entertainment choices they prefer? (Do they want basic TV or on-demand streaming?) 
  2. What cable or satellite signal provider and plan should we use at the clinic?

Often this decision and the number of TVs and devices needed will be the factors that guide the design of the TV distribution system.

  1. How can we achieve a personal TV experience for each patient without disturbing other nearby patients?
  2. What healthcare TV or tablet mounting options exist for creating a personal patient-centric experience? 
  3. How do we allow secure access to WiFi for the patients to access the Internet?
  4. Should we consider Power-over-Ethernet TV options, and would that save us money? 

These are all great questions, and they’re important for you to consider to provide the best patient experience possible for your patients.

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Take a look at the cost:benefit and technical information that you should know to offer your patients an easy-to-use television experience.

A-Series in a clinic with home screen with no internet
Enhanced Entertainment medTV Smart Wall TVs Available 24" thru 55"



Give your patients access to ALL channels on your TV receiver using the PDi DIRECTV Minimod Solution


*Estimates include the rack, minimods, and distribution equipment. Patient TVs, cabling, and labor are separate depending on installation.

Want to offer safe, proven patient technology? Download this infographic to learn more about the benefits of using healthcare-grade hospital tvs and learn more about medTV®, PDi’s latest brand of healthcare-grade patient televisions and touchscreen tablets. 

Why Healthcare TVs Matter

Let’s Start at the Beginning … The Broadcast Signal

Just like at home, you have the choice to offer either Satellite TV or Cable TV to patients. If you want to go with satellite, you can choose DIRECTV® or DISH. The CATV choices are endless and include Spectrum, Comcast, Cox and more. You may also want to use the patient televisions to show a welcome video or patient education channel. These channels can come from a DVD source or website. Local broadcasting channels via antenna are also nice to deliver to entertain patients. Headened encoders and decoder equipment may be necessary to deliver these signals.

Let PDi help you deliver meaningful, relevant content and empower your patients, or simply distract and entertain your patients. 

PDi Delivers the Complete Solution:
Head-End to Bed-End™


Transform Your Patient Experience

Signal In vs Signal Out

The incoming TV signal is usually transmitted over RF or RJ45, and more recently over Fiber. The headend equipment processes the incoming signal to convert it into the type of signal you want to distribute to each patient TV. Distribution of signal is usually over RF and more recently IP via CAT6 cables. 

Integrated technologies by PDi provide the cleanest installation for you, easy to service and maintenance free. Depending on the number of patient TVs and your choice for DIRECTV satellite signal provider, the PDi DIRECTV Satellite Minimod solutions allow an intimate, touchscreen patient experience on personal patient devices. The minimod solution works best where you have fewer TVs than channels. 

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For facilities having more TVs than channels, the DIRECTV COM3000 and RF-HEMiS can deliver the full features of a headend server in a clean installation while being cost-effective for larger installations. 

Don't be fooled by other brand minimods! Call us today!

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Benefits of PDi DIRECTV Minimod Solution

Give patients access to every channel you are paying for!

The PDi DIRECTV Satellite Interface Module provides seamless control of DIRECTV, in-house channels and local TV broadcast channels. 



Cost-effective to expand channel access

Works with medTV14, medTV16 or medTV19

Allows direct access to functions patients can  normally access at home

Requires CCI

Customizable key mapping

Does not tie into hospital IT systems

Powered over USB from DIRECTV receiver

No external power use

Fits all standard minimod racks

Uses DIRECTV’s proprietary 2-way data port

A typical DIRECTV contract through PDi requires a minimum 1-year subscription with an optional 5-year service agreement.

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medTV Patient-Facing Technology

LR CULynn16 IMG_8758

Once you have the signal worked out, it’s time to choose how the patients will be able to view your channels and content. As with anything there are many choices when it comes to patient televisions. While you can provide entertainment through PDi Smart wall TVs, giving patients access to their own personal patient television can help you improve their experience even more.

Bringing the television close to the patient gives them the opportunity to personalize their experience. If they’re spending hours at a time at your facility, they might not always want to watch what their neighbor is watching. Instead, with a personal device they can have the experience they desire that engages, entertains and satisfies them throughout their treatments.

The medTV16 is easy for patients to use, has a headphone jack and forward-facing speakers for noise control, and can be securely mounted to a support arm so patients can position it in a way that’s comfortable for them. With an easy-touch keypad patients can navigate to their favorite channels quickly. Like all PDi televisions, the medTV16 is UL-listed and healthcare-grade. Made with antimicrobial plastic, the TV is built for infection control, and it’s designed to be powered on for 18 hours/day - 3x that of consumer-grade televisions!

To create a custom patient TV experience,

Get Genius Smart with GENiO remote device and content management tool by PDi. Works with medTAB 14", medTAB 16" or medTAB 19" touchscreen patient displays. Watch this video to learn more about it here:

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PDi is a leader in serving healthcare clinic providers with TV products to fit the demanding and evolving needs of live and on-demand streaming in healthcare environments. 

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