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Choose the Right Broadcast Signal and TVs for your Healthcare Space

Satellite, Cable, IPTV, oh my!

Where does one start to understand how to provide excellent TV options to entertain and inform patients who are in the hospital bed or enduring long hours of treatment? The choices may seem overwhelming if you are just beginning the process of choosing a TV system to delight your patients.

PDi has spent 40 years satisfying patients with TV technology solutions. We have outlined a few helpful tips we use when helping people understand broadcast signal choices, other input sources, and TV technology options for healthcare.

Tip 1: Think about who your patients are and what TV experience they desire.

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First, you’ll want to answer questions about your patient population. Ask yourself questions about your facility and your patient’s entertainment and education needs while they are in the healthcare facility. For example, what is the age range of patients you see and do you want to allow patients to access the internet, basic TV or on-demand streaming. Click here for a list of more patient TV questions to consider.

Tip 2: Define your signal inputs and know your choices for signal providers in your area.

There are many options for content providers. The PDi ProServices team can help you every step of the way. First, you will need to choose the signal provider for your facility, just like choosing a TV signal at your home. Satellite TV, Cable TV or IPTV internet streaming technologies are all options.

• Satellite TV options include DIRECTV® or DISH.
• CATV choices include Spectrum, Comcast, Cox and more.
• You could also choose IPTV to deliver customizable content to your patients.

From here, you’ll also want to consider if you deliver welcome videos or patient education channels to your patients. These signal sources can be a DVD or website. You’ll also want to understand what equipment may be needed if you choose to offer local broadcast channels through rooftop antennas.

PDi can help you better understand your options and head-end to bed-end technology needs to distribute TV signals to patient location, and plan a great experience. For 40 years, PDi has been a leader in serving healthcare providers with products to fit the demanding and evolving needs of healthcare environments. PDi sets the standard of excellence in customer service and support for healthcare entertainment systems. Pick up the phone and call us to see how we can help you too.

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Tip 3: Large or small, let PDi experts help you plan and implement a complete TV distribution system.


Improve patient satisfaction at your healthcare clinic or hospital. PDi is the recognized leader in patient entertainment and information technology systems.

A US-based manufacturer serving healthcare exclusively for 40 years, PDi understands your needs. We build UL-Listed healthcare-grade patient TVs to bring you and your patients the safest solution. There are many choices when it comes to televisions for patients. There are Smart wall TVs and personal patient televisions and even different ways to mount TVs to fit a variety of healthcare spaces.

PDi even offers an affordable option to customize your patient experience using GENiO, a remote device and content management tool. Easily engage patients with your educational content, daily menus, video calls, send messages, patient surveys, and more.

PDi brings you complete solutions and designs to maximize value based on the number of TVs you need. PDi pros are ready to help you in making a great technology choice that is customized to your space.

Your patients and your staff will thank you for choosing easy to use entertainment technology resources.

PDi has professionals who will answer your questions to plan a fully integrated patient entertainment solution right the first time. For over 40 years, PDi has been the most trusted leader in serving healthcare providers with patient entertainment products.

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