OSHPD Pre-Approval of Manufacturer's Certification: OPM-0516-13

Are you concerned with seismic designs for healthcare?

PDi is the only OPM approved arm mounted patient TV system.

Trust PDi to save time and worry with OSHPD pre-approved, complete patient entertainment systems. 


A US-based manufacturer, PDi is the market leader in OPM APPROVED, complete personal, patient television systems. Trust PDi. 


The Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development, OSHPD, in California serves a number of purposes. One of these is ensuring that healthcare facilities throughout the state are safe and built to withstand earthquakes. Other earthquake prone regions benefit from these designs too! Prioritizing patient safety is important to all of us at PDi and in the healthcare industry, and that doesn’t just mean using antimicrobial plastics and creating easy-to-clean products.


We have multiple products approved for new construction requirements.
We design custom solutions to keep your status under a grandfather clause for renovation projects.
We design, build, program, install and service
complete healthcare-grade patient TV and TV-tablet solutions.

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With 40 years of healthcare-specific experience, we are experts in delivering the best and safest patient experience.

PDi’s personal patient arm-mounted TV systems are OSHPD-approved and ready for installation in your healthcare facility.

The medTV and medTAB products are designed to work as a complete system that includes the device, arm, mount and power supply. You can mix-and-match our various components to create the complete system that works best in your facility. Plus, you can rest assured that these options are all OSHPD approved.

OSHPD Approved PDi Patient Devices

With the medTV and medTAB personal devices, 14", 16" and 19" screen sizes, you can give your patients the same experience as having a 90” wall television mounted across the room. With easy touch numeric keypads or touchscreens, patients can easily change the channel on their medTV or enjoy playing games on the medTAB. Forward-facing speakers and a headphone jack also reduce noise for a better patient experience.

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OSHPD Approved PDi Support Arms

PDi support arms allow patients the flexibility to position their device in the most comfortable position for them, which means no more stiff necks! We build arms that reach 58" thru nearly 72" to fit every healthcare application. 

OSHPD Approved PDi Arm Mounts

PDi designs and builds a variety of arm mounts too, many which are OSHPD approved. If you need a custom solution to keep your status under a grandfather clause, as the manufacturer, we can design and build that too!

PDi personal patient entertainment devices are continuously charged and securely mounted. Learn more about PDi low-voltage power supplies. You will not need to worry about damage from dropping, theft or maintenance with these low maintenance solutions, only from PDi.

Helping You Save Time and Prevent Worry

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Trust PDi to Create the Patient Experience You Envision

For 40 years, PDi has been a leader in serving healthcare providers with products to fit the demanding and evolving needs of healthcare environments. PDi sets the standard of excellence in customer service and support for healthcare entertainment systems.

Every step of the way, PDi ProServices ensures your needs are met. We assist early on with planning and site assessments for structural mounts and OSHPD/OPM designs. We evaluate TV equipment for reuse on retrofits. We build innovative solutions, and we are problem-solvers. We install, maintain, and always guarantee our work.

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PDi offers a variety of proven, cost-effective ways to create the system that meets your next project. Give us a call at 800-628-9870 or complete the form below. Our team will be more than happy to work with you too. We’re here to help!


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