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Safely Engage Patients with Communication and Entertainment Carts

Safely Engage Patients with Communication and Entertainment Carts

Healthcare providers know how important a safe, great experience is for patients and their overall satisfaction. Providers are often looking for new and different ways to delight patients because patient satisfaction impacts care and the hospital’s reputation (think HCAHP scores and patient surveys). 

One creative solution that benefits the healthcare experience is to roll in entertainment and telehealth solutions to patients. Growing in popularity, telehealth and entertainment healthcare carts are being used more often in many types of facilities to delight patients and provide a safe experience.

The right cart solutions can benefit a healthcare facility by being easily managed by staff, moving to patients while being space efficient, and ready to withstand rugged healthcare needs.

Staff have Control Over Carts

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One of the great benefits of offering carts for telehealth, TV or gaming to patients is that staff have control over exactly where they send the carts and at what times and intervals they are sent. For example, in a senior living facility, there may be two carts for telehealth and video conferencing with friends and family. Staff can easily create a schedule for these carts to know who gets the carts and when. They know to pick up the cart from room 15 who had a telehealth call at 4:00 pm and know to drop it off to Room 31 who is calling their grandkids at 5:00 pm. All while the second cart is being used by a third resident for a lengthier telehealth visit.

When not in use, carts can easily be stored in overflow or storage spaces and not take up much room. PDi’s carts made for portable telehealth and video calls offer a “no-fuss” system with an integrated camera/mic and an option for Teleray HIPAA-Compliant software for telemedicine, by Nautilus Medical. 

Telemedicine and video call cart systems also change the way providers work by allowing care and communication to go virtual in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. These carts can protect the providers, solve the loneliness that senior living residents can often feel and minimize the number of visitors to the facility when needed.


Click here for more information on a waiver for the second round of funding for the COVID-19 Telehealth Program under the CARES ACT.

Ask how the PDi Telehealth Cart with Teleray is CARES Act eligible.

Carts Move to Your Patients and Fit Within Your Spaces

Carts can easily adapt to the needs of different healthcare spaces. Some healthcare facilities are large and have many space options to store equipment. However, we know that is not the case for all, or even most, healthcare facilities. 


Perhaps, a healthcare space doesn’t have a great location to place a TV on a wall. Or maybe, a dialysis center doesn’t have the right chairs to install a personal arm TV in the arm rest. Luckily, carts for telehealth, TV or gaming can easily be rolled into these spaces when they are needed and then rolled out to storage when not in use.

Some facilities will also have patients who aren’t able to move to spaces where entertainment is located. Carts are easily moved to patients who can’t be moved themselves. Imagine a kid in the hospital who wants to play video games but can’t move from his or her bed to go to a playroom. With carts like the PDi GO-GO Gamer Cart, staff can easily drop off the gaming cart to keep them entertained and their mind calm before whatever procedure they have next. The GO-GO Gamer Cart can also come with an optional short arm mount for “flat-time” viewing for patients who must remain flat on their back to enjoy movies or fun.

Carts are Built Specifically for Healthcare

Being in a healthcare space, it’s essential to use products and equipment that are made specifically for healthcare. PDi’s telehealth, TV and gaming carts are built to withstand the rugged needs of healthcare facilities.

Carts need to be easy to move on all types of flooring, including carpet or hard floor surfaces. Additionally, carts need to be able to lock into place, so they stay stationary for the patient and have a small footprint wheelbase for easy storage.

Cleanliness is top of mind more than ever due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. While there is no way to by-pass cleaning, there are ways to build efficiency into cleaning your facility based on the equipment that is purchased. Staff can take comfort in knowing that PDi’s cart systems are not only easy to clean but are built to stand up to rigorous healthcare cleanings.


Additionally, with PDi’s healthcare carts, staff and patients can enjoy easy power options without the struggle of replacing batteries, UL-Listed hospital-grade TV displays, ease of assembly and much more.

Rolling in a great and safe patient experience doesn’t have to be difficult. Ensure you are providing cart solutions that are built for the safety of patients and providers, cost-effectiveness, and functionality for healthcare spaces.

If you are ready to talk to someone about PDi’s cart options, give us a call today! We are ready to assist you with providing safe, fully integrated solutions for your staff and patients.

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