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Technology (3)


3 min read

Planning for a Successful Bedside TV Installation

Patients really appreciate the quality experience a personal bedside entertainment system can provide during their stay. It’s very important to think...

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6 min read

9 Space Efficient Ways to Mount a Personal Patient TV

Space is a commodity in patient areas. When designing patient areas in healthcare facilities, thoughtful consideration must be made for space...

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Enhanced Entertainment on Healthcare TVs in a Snap

Do you wish you could provide more entertainment and relaxation features through your patient TVs without the added cost or long set-up process that...

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2 min read

PDi Unveils Televisions with More Entertainment Technology

Medical-grade TVs offer patients added entertainment and relaxation options, no internet required. No internet, no problem! PDi Communication...

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2 min read

Four Ways to Better User Experience in Healthcare

User Experience (or UX) is the term that describes all aspects of a consumer’s interaction with a company, primarily those interactions that use...

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