Enhance patient experience, with or without Internet.

Large Screen, Customizable Smart Hospital TVs

Get More From Your Patient Televisions

Delight patients with pillow-speaker controlled TV, games, and relaxation.

  • Delight patients and staff with easy setup out-of-the-box.
  • No internet required.
  • medTV Smart can also be setup as a simple TV for use in waiting rooms or breakrooms.

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Exceed your patient's expectations using GENiO. Empower your patients with education, your way.

  • GENiO is an optional cloud-based software tool that allows you to customize your patient engagement experience, affordably and easily.
  • Engage patients with education videos, daily menus, video calls, send messages, patient surveys, and more.
  • Compatible with Epic MyChart BedsideTV, these Smart hospital TVs allow patients to more fully engage with their care.
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MyChart GENiO 2

A better patient experience starts here

PDi SmartTVs with Epic MyChart Bedside

At PDi, we help people! You too can leverage your Epic investment by providing patients with access to real-time health information with Epic MyChart Bedside TV.

Watch how patients benefit from PDi SmartTVs at Geisinger St. Luke's hospital:

Geisinger St Luke Hospital Epic on PDi Smart TVs
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A-Series in a clinic with home screen with no internet

A VIP Experience

UL-Listed and designed for healthcare, these smart TV sets offer features to satisfy patients and staff.

Patients benefit from access to meaningful content and expanded entertainment. Patients also appreciate more HD channels with Pro:Idiom®, multi-bed codes to control their own set, volume limiters, and easy numeric or navigational pillow speaker controls.

Staff appreciate the PDi support and ease of remote customization using GENiO, and the ease in cloning with PDi RF-HEMiS or USB, and standard 3-year warranty. 

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