Healthcare Arms Designed  for Patient Televisions and TV-Tablet Systems

Provide comfort and entertainment to patients at the bedside.

1400 half extension-895184-edited

1400 Series Arm

Strong 68" Extension
Hassle-Free Cable Adjustments

1000 Series Arm

1000  Series Arm

Sturdy 72” Extension
Smooth Nitrogen Gas Cylinder Lift

500 Series Arm

500 Series Arm

Lean 58” Extension
Steady Spring-Based Lift

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We have an arm for that. 

Since 1980, PDi has designed arm-mounted TV solutions to fit a wide range of different healthcare settings. PDi’s innovative and UL-Listed arms and arm mounts allow patient devices to be placed on headwalls, counters, floors, ceilings, chairs, and more. Utilize PDi's engineering expertise in your project to ensure the right system works in your unique patient environment.

Learn more about PDi's complete bedside systems and how PDi ProServices to help create or install the patient experience you need.


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