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72" Reach Arm

1000 Series Support Arms for Personal Patient Entertainment Devices

Options to support 7 Lb. up to 22 Lb. devices

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Part Numbers

PDI-AA1007-GA gray, coax, supports 7lb 14" and 16" PDi devices
PDI-AA1013-GA gray, coax, supports 13lb 19" PDi devices

Also support displays up to 22 lbs. Call for other cable and color options.

The Longest Reaching Arm in the Industry.

Transform the patient room and improve the experience by creating an interactive environment centered around the patient. Select the 1000 Series Arm for a sturdy 72” extension that holds a PDi display for the patient to interact with, and contain more than 3 cables for maximum functionality and usage.

UL-Listed for Healthcare Use in USA & Canada

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Reduce Back, Neck and Eye Strain

The PDi arm system allows the patient to easily lift, lower, tilt, swing, or rotate their TV display with just a light touch to provide the most comfortable viewing angle.

Transform the Patient Experience

Create an interactive environment centered around the patient. A personal arm-mounted PDi system brings comfort, entertainment, and connectivity to the patient space.

Theft-resistance for Patient Displays

Your technology investment is secure. A PDi mount deters theft and eliminates the risk of a device being dropped and damaged.

A Clean, Cable-free Patient Space

Power cords, ethernet cables, coax and more are out-of-sight within the arm to safely deliver continuous power and connection so the patient won’t experience interruptions to TV.

  • UL Listed for Healthcare Use in USA & Canada
  • Anti-Recoil and Swivel Safety Features
  • Easy to Clean
  • Antimicrobial Powder Coatings
  • Rust Resistant
  • Standard 3 Year Warranty 
  • Available in Starlight Gray or Cream


Product Includes:  Pneumatic nitrogen gas cylinder support
Weight Capacity:  22 lbs/10 kg
Lift:  30.9"
Lower:  20.5”
Display Tilt:  +15° / -15°
Display Pan:  270°
Arm Rotation:  180°
Max Extension:  71.5”
Base Weight*  16.5 lbs / 7.5 kg

*Final weight is dependent on cabling, customizations and accessories

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