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58" Reach Arm

500 Series Support Arms for Personal Patient Entertainment Devices

Options to support 4 Lb. to 13 Lb. devices

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Part Numbers

PDI-AA507-GA gray, coax, supports 7lb 14" and 16" PDi devices

PDI-AA513-GA gray, coax, supports 13lb 19" and 22" PDi devices

Call for other cable and color options.

A Lean Solution, Without Sacrifice.

Transform the patient room and improve the experience by creating an interactive environment centered around the patient. Select the 500 Series arm for a lean 58” extension that holds a PDi display for the patient to interact with. The 500 Series arms are available with Coax and/or Cat6 cables only.

UL-Listed for Healthcare Use in USA & Canada

Reduce Back, Neck and Eye Strain

The PDi arm system allows the patient to easily lift, lower, tilt, swing, or rotate their TV display with just a light touch to provide the most comfortable viewing angle.

Transform the Patient Experience

Create an interactive environment centered around the patient. A personal arm-mounted PDi system brings comfort, entertainment, and connectivity to the patient space.

Theft-resistance for Patient Displays

Your technology investment is secure. A PDi mount deters theft and eliminates the risk of a device being dropped and damaged.

A Clean, Cable-free Patient Space

Power cords, ethernet cables, coax and more are out-of-sight within the arm to safely deliver continuous power and connection so the patient won’t experience interruptions to TV.

  • UL Listed for Healthcare Use in USA & Canada
  • Anti-Recoil and Swivel Safety Features
  • Easy to Clean
  • Antimicrobial Powder Coatings
  • Rust Resistant
  • Standard 3 Year Warranty
  • Available in Starlight Gray or Cream


Product Includes: Spring-based support
Weight Capacity 13 lbs (5.9 kg)
Lift:  21”
Lower:  20”
Display Tilt:  +15° / -15°
Display Pan:  270°
Arm Rotation:  180°
Max Extension:  58”
Base Weight*  14 lbs/ 6.4 kg


*Final weight is dependant on cabling, customizations and accessories

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