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50 years of Contract Manufacturing experience

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Precision Industries (PI) does more than build parts for the best personal patient television systems. We have the experienced workforce to meet your unique needs for quality parts. A US manufacturer located in southwestern Ohio, PI builds precision parts for many industries and is skilled at industrial engineering, prototyping, testing, just-in-time production and delivery, as well as continuous control of quality.
ISO9001:2015 certified. Our quality standards are driven by customer requirements. We are proud to continually meet or exceed customer expectations.

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Exceeding customer expectations in these industries:
  • Healthcare
  • Food Services
  • Banking
  • Automotive
  • and More.

MR PDi COVID Safe Practices Masks in Plant MarkDuring this era of COVID-19, we can help you too!

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Ask about a custom mount for Temperature Scanner technology
or click this image:PDI.TK8 Stand by PDi


  • A CNC Mill Copy of MVI_8519.00_05_18_06.Still018

    CNC Mills

    3-axis with rotary table

  • A RodsBarsColin Copy of MVI_8519.00_02_47_14.Still003

    CNC Lathes

    Plastic and metal capability

  • A CNC TurretPunch Copy of MVI_8519.00_18_50_06.Still025

    CNC Turret Punch

  • A 200ton Press Copy of MVI_8519.00_19_50_06.Still027

    Four Post Presses

    Up to 200 tons

  • A 4xPressBrake Copy of MVI_8519.00_32_52_09.Still034

    4 Axis Press Brake

  • A 10ftShear Copy of MVI_8519.00_29_48_20.Still002

    10-ft Hydraulic Shear

  • A PowderCoat Copy of MVI_8519.00_57_16_08.Still043

    Powder Coating

    Parts up to 40" wide x 40" tall

  • A ElectronicsAssmbly Copy of MVI_8519.00_45_17_16.Still001

    Electronics Assembly

    ESD protected and negative pressure assembly hood

Full Metal Fabrication Capabilities

Steel - Stainless - Aluminum - Brass

PI excels in full metal fabrication capabilities for cutting, milling, turning, punching, pressing, and bending multiple materials including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass.
PI has additional services for metal parts including:
• Robotic welding
• Manual welding
• PEM fastener insertion
• Time Saver finishing machine

Focused on quality parts production


A closer look at some precision parts built for healthcare

PI is the machine shop side of the business for PDi,  the nation's largest television manufacturer. PDi has focused exclusively on tvs for hospitals and healthcare, since 1980.

Check out the variety of medical patient displays and personal arm-mounted tv systems. Built with precision and quality!

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A SmallParts Copy of MVI_8519.00_04_41_06.Still017




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