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Telehealth Cart for Teleray Video Call System

Most Intuitive User Experience

PDI-TC16, 15.6" Touchscreen, Cart, Includes First Year of Teleray Software

PDI-TC19, 18.5" Touchscreen, Cart, Includes First Year of Teleray Software



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Designed to Meet Healthcare Needs During COVID-19 AND BEYOND
The PDi Telehealth video call cart system with HIPAA-Compliant Teleray Software capability upholds PDi's high standards for safety, cost-effectiveness and functionality for healthcare.
Integrated Camera/Mic on 16" or 19" UL-Listed Hospital Safe Touchscreen Display means a "no fuss" solution for healthcare staff
Requires Internet Signal (WIFI or ENET) and AC Power.  NO dead batteries.
Safe and Easy to Use for Video Calls by Patients and Senior Living Residents to Stay Connected with Friends and Families
Simple, Portable Telemedicine, Easy to Implement By Healthcare Staff 
Built for Infection Control and Use During the Coronavirus and Beyond. Includes a basket to hold disinfection wipes


1-Year Subscription of Teleray Included with Initial Purchase  

Specifications & Features


Model Number:

PDI-TC16, 15.6" Patient Touchscreen Display, Cart, Includes First Year of Teleray Software

PDI-TC19, 18.5" Patient Touchscreen Display, Cart, Includes First Year of Teleray Software

Cart Specifications:

Height: 48" (122 cm)

Max. Arm Extension 17" (43 cm)

Wheel Base: 19" x 22" (48 cm x 56 cm)

4" Casters

Weight: 33 lbs (15 kg)


Power and Cables

Powered over Coax

RG6 Coax & RJ45 ENET ports

Integrated PDi Low-voltage Power Supply

Input Voltage 100-240VAC, 60Hz, 2A

Output Voltage 24 VDC, 2.5A

Device Mount

75mmx75mm or 100x100mm VESA

Supports 13 lbs



  • UL-Listed hospital-grade touchscreen device
  • For use with Teleray HIPAA-Compliant software for telemedicine, by Nautilus Medical. First year Teleray subscription included with initial purchase and includes free tech support by Nautilus Medical for one year.
  • Healthcare providers can quickly initiate a telehealth consult
  • Senior residents or patients can easily video chat with staff, friends and family too!
  • Built for healthcare disinfection standards and infection controls. Includes a basket for disinfection wipes.
  • Android™-based OS
  • 48" tall mobile cart
  • Adjustable arm height and TV tilt
  • 4" Smooth gliding casters, rear locking 
  • Easy to move on carpet or hard floors
  • Small footprint wheel base 19"x 22"
  • Integrated ENET cable or use WIFI
  • AC powered, no batteries
  • AC Power cord wrap
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Few parts to assemble
  • 2-year warranty