medTAB 19" Interactive Patient Device


A 19” Bedside HDTV with a Simple, Easy-To-Use Interactive Patient System 

medTAB is the best way to deliver the medTV experience.The 19” medTAB brings the standard TV and the freedom of the world wide web together in one device. Give patients the comforts of home with the ability to surf the web, play games, connect to friends and family and more - with an interface that’s easy to navigate and fun to engage with. 

The simple, interactive patient system comes out of the box ready for patient use within minutes of set-up. medTABs are made to fit to PDi swing arm mounts, chair mounts, or other rear mount options. Choose between two display sizes, 14” and 19” personal touch screens, which offer the equivalency of a 90” wall tv viewing experience 

Bring a home-like experience to the patients fingertips.

With just a few taps patients can access apps, games and more! The patient will never experience downtime with direct ethernet connection and preloaded content should WIFI ever fail.

Flexible and secure technology

Never worry about patient privacy. medTABs are configured to have multi-user password protections or can be setup to automatically erase user data when the patient is discharged.

Fast, easy set up. Out of the box. 

The pre-loaded interactive patient software is ready for patient use in minutes. Simply install the hardware, power on, register the device and its ready for use.

Leverage this affordable solution

Meet your facility’s initatives and maximize CMS rembursements by satisfying and empowering patients with a scalable solution designed to improve patient experience. 

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  • 8GB Storage
  • Built for UL healthcare-grade standards with on-screen touch TV remote
  • LED lighted capacitive touchscreen
  • Camera + Microphone
  • Easy to clean, antimicrobial glass screen and cabinet
  • Wifi and Ethernet Available
  • Multi-user restricted patient profiles. Can automatically wipe user data.
  • Low voltage set, continuously powered over coax
  • USB for Media and TV Cloning


Part Number: 

medTAB19B - Arm Mounted
medTAB14BR-GB2 Rear - VESA Mounted

Dimensions inches (W x H x D): 20” x 13.75” x 2.5”(50.8 x 34.9 x 6.4 cm)
Weight: 12 lbs.
Available in Grey, Cream, or Black 

1366 x 768 Resolution for TV
LED Backlight
Lamp life up to 50,000 Hours

TV Features
Pro:Idiom Ⓡ / MPEG4 /MPEG2
USB Clone for Programmable TV settings
16:9, 14:9, 4:3, Panoramic 16:9 Aspect Ratio
Touch TV Source Guide Menu

Android 5.1 OS (Lollipop)
8 GB Storage

Audio & Video
Speakers: 2@1-Watt RMS
1/8” stereo headphone jack
2 USB Ports

User Docs/Tech Manuals