DirecTV Set Top Box Interface Minimod

Model: PD295-001

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Affordable solution that offers more channel access for patients!

Patients can now access every channel the facility is paying for and allows patients to easily switch between DirecTV® satellite, in house DVD and rooftop antenna channels.

For use with all PDi televisions having a CCI port 

  • Eliminates modulators, splitters and combiners in most environments
  • Eliminates need for set top box remote control and provides seamless control of satellite receivers and cable set top boxes from the television’s keypad, remote and/or pillow speaker
  • Fits all standard mini-mod racks
  • Connects to most STB via USB or IR emitter
  • Connects to TV via standard CAT5 cable and provides homeruns up to 200’
  • Status indicators allow easy trouble shooting
  • On screen custom programming
  • No additional external power source necessary. 

Specifications & Features


Part Number: PD295-001

Dimensions (WxLxH): 1.03” x 7” x 3.46” 

Weight: 8.4 oz


Provides seamless control of DIRECTV® receivers and eliminates need for cable remotes.

Designed to slide into a standard minimod chassis or stand alone configuration.

Customizable key mapping.

Connects to PDi televisions having a CCI port.