medTV — Patient experience on demand.


    A better patient experience starts here.

    Discover a meaningful patient experience designed around the patient.
    medTV provides home-like entertainment while connecting patients to their care;
    all delivered on a tablet display at the patient's fingertips.
    medTV is the affordable interactive solution to fit your unique needs.


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    Give Patients Freedom

    Patients want to feel connected to the world around them. Give them an experience that allows users to surf the web, play games, access social media, watch TV and more all at their fingertips.

    Provide Personal Touch

    Create a comfortable & interactive environment centered around the patient. Provide patient education, relaxation apps, communication channels and more with medTV+.

    Unify the Patient Experience

    Let technology work for you. Use intelligent apps to help streamline workflows and communications between patients and staff.

    Leverage This Affordable Solution

    Meet your facility's initiatives and maximize reimbursements by satisfying and empowering patients with a scalable solution designed to improve patient experience.

    With one tap of the TV button, medTV transports the patient to the channels they are familiar with.
    Patients can choose between 10 pre-loaded games that are sure to delight the young at heart!
    Internet Browsing
    Launch the patient into the world wide web.
    For patients who just can’t break away from work or personal emails.
    The patient can stay up to date with the headlines. medTV has curated the top network news sites, newspapers, sports, and weather the patient can access in just a few taps.
    Social Media
    Patients can log into their favorite social media channels and easily connect with their family and friends the same way they do at home!

    medTAB: The best way deliver the medTV experience.

    Available in 14" and 19" touchscreens 

    medTAB 14

    medTAB 19

    Flexible & Secure Technology

    Custom Content

    Add your hospital logo and colors and create a custom landing page with information you want to deliver to the patient.

    Secure Setup

    medTV is designed to always  protect the patient’s information. Every user creates a local account with a custom password they use every time they login. Once the patient is discharged, their account with all of their information can be auto-wiped from the device. 


    Customize for Your Needs

    medTV+ offers the ability to integrate third party applications of your choice to educate, connect, satisfy and engage patients and families.


    Remote Device Management

    Update and manage your medTVs without having to disturb your patients. Access medTV Central - the cloud-based remote device manager to reboot or lock devices, and more.



    The patient will never experience entertainment “down-time” with a medTAB device with ethernet. If WiFi goes down, the patient can enjoy preloaded media and games. 


    Adding Apps to medTV Multiplies Patient Satisfaction.



    Plan Includes:


    Internet Browsing

    Social Media Access


    Email Access


    Custom Logo / Facility Branding

    Custom Info Button Page

    Remote Device Management

    medTV Plus


    Plan Includes:

    All the features of medTV plus: 

    Third Party App Integrations

    Patient Education

     Nurse/Patient Communications or Patient Requests

    Patient Health Portal Links

    Patient Experience Feedback Surveys


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