RF-HEMiS™ Headend TV Management Server


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Make your life easier with centralized on-site head-end TV management.
Expedite your TV installation with the RF-HEMiS today! 
The RF-HEMiS eliminates labor-intensive TV touches and pushes updated TV channel line-ups to every TV without disrupting patients using centralized user-friendly software.  
Automatically send data over coax, set volume limit controls to improve the patient noise experience, control channel access for specific hospital wings (groups of TVs), and send custom TV splash screens automatically. 
Support a consistent brand identity with easy updates to TV splash screens!
There is no limit to the number of clone files managed at one time and the RF-HEMiS is compatible with most A-Series, E-Series, medTV14, medTV16 and medTV19 and medTAB devices. 

Specifications & Features



Rack Dimension 1U x 14" Deep
Rack Power 100V-240V 3A-1.5A

PDi TV Compatibility
A-Series AxxLED A/B V1.16+
E-Series ELED A/B V2.29+
E-Series ELEDC V3.09+
medTV19 (P19TV) 1st generation V3.09+
medTV19 (P19TV) 2nd generation V1.05+
medTV16 (P16TV) V1.04+
P14W 1st generation V2.26+
P14W (medTV14) 2nd generation V3.16+
medTAB14B and medTAB19B V3.16+

RF Output

Output level (rack unit PD890-1009) 

16dBmV to 40dBmV

Output level (USB unit PD401-013)

3dBmV to 34dBmV

Channel Range

2 to 135 Cable Std


QAM for 8VSB


75Ω F-female


  • Intuitive graphical user interface
  • Microsoft Windows Based Remote Administration
  • Selectable Channel Used for Updates
  • Unlimited Number of Simultaneous TV Updates
  • TV Splash Screen Updating
  • TV Firmware Updating