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The new medTV Cart by PDi with an adjustable arm brings your facility a flexible solution to deliver entertainment to patients and visitors. At 48" tall, with an adjustable 17" reach arm for extended motion and screen tilt, the medTV Cart quickly accommodates to any viewing angle for a reclining, sitting, or standing position. The 4" smooth gliding caster wheels make it easy to move on carpet or hard flooring and lock in place.
The medTV Cart includes an integrated, UL-Listed low-voltage power supply by PDi, and cable management for COAX and ENET. For compatible PDi low-voltage, healthcare-grade TV and TV-Tablet devices with Pro:Idiom, 14" and 19" rear-mounted and sold separately, click here to learn more: medTV14, medTV19, medTAB14, medTAB19 . 
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