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Choose proven TV technology by PDi to improve communications and care for senior living residents. 

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PDi medTAB Touchscreen Teleray Telehealth

Deploy the Simplest Video Call Experience and Safely Connect Residents to Doctors, Friends & Families

For 40 years, PDi has been a leader in serving healthcare with innovative products to fit the demanding and evolving needs of healthcare environments.

Today, PDi helps to elevate the human experience. PDi sets the standard of excellence in easing emotional pain during the COVID-19 pandemic with the medical-grade Teleray video call cart system, safe and easy to use vs consumer-grade devices.  

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Why Choose PDi versus Consumer TVs?

medTV Smart SoftwareResident safety is one of the biggest priorities for senior living centers across the country, and this is only heightened during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even without the coronavirus outbreak, we know it can sometimes be hard to entertain residents and for loved ones to visit in person. That's why we offer healthcare-grade medTV Smart TVs with expanded entertainment (No Internet Required) and medical-grade devices on carts with Teleray technology, that can be thoroughly and easily disinfected. Allow your residents to stay healthy and happy, and safely connect them via video chat with their doctors, families and friends.

Why Healthcare TVs Matter

Senior living centers, nursing homes and assisted living centers have the same goal: to provide quality care to your residents. Care often takes on two meanings: to provide healthcare to meet the needs of residents, and to do so in a truly caring and compassionate, human way. By prioritizing care above everything else, senior living centers can reassure residents and their families that they are truly in the right place. PDi technology can help!

Prioritizing patient safety is important to all of us at PDi, as it is to senior living, assisted living centers and all in the healthcare industry, For PDi, it doesn’t just mean using antimicrobial coatings on our devices and creating easy-to-clean products. Want to learn more?

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PDi is Your One-stop Shop

14"  •  16"    19"

medTV and medTAB personal devices (14", 16" and 19" screen sizes) deliver the same video experience as a 90” wall TV mounted across the room, but with better sound options for hard-to-hear seniors. You will appreciate the great audio quality of the forward-facing speakers, wireless bluetooth capability, and headphone jack to help minimize noise on the floor. With easy touch numeric keypads or touchscreens, senior residents can easily change the channel on their medTV or enjoy playing games or relaxation videos on the medTAB, no internet or subscription fees required. 

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These same great apps are pre-loaded on our medTV Smart wall TVs too.

24"  •  32"    43"  •   55"

Ask us about DIRECTV and PDi minimod solutions so you can offer more entertainment choices to your residents! And you can rely on the PDi ProServices team to be with you every step of the way. For planning, installation, repairs and upgrades, call us today! 

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With 40 years of healthcare-specific experience, trust PDi to deliver the best and safest experience.

PDi televisions are ready for installation in your healthcare facility!

The 14" thru 19" medTV and medTAB products are industry's only complete system designed to work together. US-based PDi builds the display device, arm, mount and power supply. Mix-and-match! 

Healthcare-grade Smart wall TVs by PDi include enhanced entertainment with built-in apps for TV, games and relaxation. Easy to use with pillow speaker or wireless keyboard controls. 

See our medTV Catalog and how PDi is your one-stop shop for entertainment.

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