Find Your Hidden Costs in Nursing 

Use this spreadsheet to:

  • Make nurses happy!
  • See real dollars on how inefficiencies cost money
  • Modify cost for your location
  • Predict cost savings using smart patient engagement
  • Forecast your budget and find hidden costs
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Step 1. Every State is Different

Simply select your state from the dropdown. This will update all figures calculated in the spreadsheet.

Using publicly available data, we quickly find the average salaries of your RNs, LPN/LVNs, and Nurse Assistants by state. 



Step 2. Customize Your Tool

You can edit our salary assumptions to match your  actual cost numbers.




Step 3. Number of Beds

Looking at the steps your nurses take throughout the year really does add up.

Having the number of beds data is helpful if you decide to update your patient technology to improve staff workflows using automation, like the cloud-based smart TV with GENiO™, powered by PDi