medTV — Patient experience on demand.
    Helping you bring a personal touch to your patient experience.
    medTV® delivers a meaningful digital experience designed around the patient. Expanded entertainment on the medTAB offers patient experience on demand.

    All personal patient devices are created & powered by PDi - the nation's largest manufacturer of healthcare-grade entertainment solutions.
    Designed and assembled with pride in the U.S.A. 





    medTV: The standard in personal bedside,

    healthcare-grade TV entertainment

    Available in 14" and 19" bedside TV displays





    A Great TV Experience

    Meets Healthcare Standards


    Built For Healthcare Standards

    medTVs are designed for infection control. The glass front can withstand rigorous cleanings and the antimicrobial plastics help limit HACs. 


    Designed for Secure and Easy Setup

    Easy USB cloning or centrally manage with RF-HEMiS to make TV set-up or updates quick and simple. TV set-up menus are password protected to prevent patients from altering settings with IR remotes or remote control phone apps.

    Delivers Patient Satisfaction

    Pro:Idiom® makes it easy to keep every patient entertained with more HD channels. These securely mounted TV displays reduce neck, back, and eye strain. Patients and staff enjoy the quiet of front-facing speakers or headphone jacks.


    Superior Viewing Experience 

    A personal display mounted in close proximity to the viewer is equal with a 90” TV screen across the room.




    A better patient experience starts here.

    Easily deliver expanded entertainment options to your patients. 
    medTAB provides home-like entertainment on a TV-tablet at the patient's fingertips.
    medTAB is the affordable, scalable interactive solution to fit your unique needs.


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    medTAB: The Interactive Way To Deliver More Entertainment to Satisfy Patients

    Available in 14" and 19" touchscreens built for healthcare


    medTAB 14

    medTAB 19
    With one tap of the TV button, medTAB brings comfort and distraction with TV favorites.
    Patients can choose between 10 pre-loaded games that are sure to delight the young at heart!
    Internet Browsing
    Launch the patient into the world wide web.
    Patients can play 3 different ambient nature sounds for added relaxation.
    The patient can stay up to date with the headlines. medTAB has curated the top network news sites, newspapers, sports, and weather the patient can access in just a few taps.
    Social Media
    Patients can log into their favorite social media channels and easily connect with their family and friends the same way they do at home!


    Flexible, Secure & Reliable Technology

    Custom Content

    Add your hospital logo and colors and create a custom landing page with information you want to deliver to the patient.

    Secure Setup

    medTABs are designed to always protect the patient’s information. Every user creates a local account with a custom password they use every time they login. Once the patient is discharged, their account with all of their information can be auto-wiped from the device. 


    medTAB devices can be upgraded to work with many leading interactive patient systems available in the healthcare market today. 



    The patient will never experience entertainment “down-time” with a medTAB device with ethernet. If WiFi goes down, the patient can enjoy preloaded media and games. 


    Learn about the full capabilities of medTVs and medTABs. 

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