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    PDi helps you deliver a meaningful patient experience to patients with medTV® 

    We create the most hassle-free TV systems so you can focus on what's important: caring for the patient.  

    Choose between the 3 complete TV systems designed around the patient:

    The standard in personal bedside, healthcare-grade TV entertainment. 

    Available in 14" and 19" bedside TV displays

    Built For Healthcare Standards
    Delivers Patient Satisfaction
    Easy Set Up
    Superior Viewing Experience

    The Interactive Way To Deliver More Entertainment to Satisfy Patients

    Social Media


    Available in 14" and 19" bedside TV-TABLET displays

    Preloaded Entertainment With No Subscription Required

    With one tap of the TV button, medTAB brings comfort and distraction with TV favorites.
    Patients can choose between 10 pre-loaded games that are sure to delight the young at heart!
    Internet Browsing
    Launch the patient into the world wide web.
    Patients can play 3 different ambient nature sounds for added relaxation.
    The patient can stay up to date with the headlines. medTAB has curated the top network news sites, newspapers, sports, and weather the patient can access in just a few taps.
    Social Media
    Patients can log into their favorite social media channels and easily connect with their family and friends the same way they do at home!

    Explore Complete Arm Mounted Solutions for medTVs and medTABs.

    medTV14 on 1400 on 871

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     Discover a Portable Companion for medTVs and medTABs.

    Moble Cart 1
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    An adaptive forward-looking approach to large screen entertainment.


    Learn More about the A-Series

    Available in 24" through 55" large displays with enhanced entertainment features. 


    Enhance Your Patient's Entertainment with No Extra Connections


    Enhanced entertainment, made simple.

    Let patients switch it up by offering more entertainment, without any extra connections. The PDi A-Series is more than a simple TV display, it has games and relaxation apps built in. Patients can easily navigate the icon-based menu of entertainment using a numeric or navigational pillow speaker. 

    Made for Healthcare

    medTV SMART is designed with the patient and your healthcare facility in mind with universal pillow speaker recognition, volume limiters, multi-bed codes, closed captioning and more. PDi televisions are manufactured with hospital-grade features. These UL-Listed healthcare-grade TVs have lasting value and provide added safety in your facility. 



    Start with an enhanced menu with built in games and relaxation or upgrade your medTV SMART HDTVs to connect with many leading interactive patient systems available in the healthcare market today. 


    Designed for Viewing Brilliance

    The medTV SMART  is equipped with Pro:Idiom so patients can access more channels, with full HD 1920 x 1080 display resolution for stunning HD clarity.


    Learn about the full capabilities of medTVs and medTABs. 

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