Middle East Region: Healthcare-Grade Patient Infotainment Systems 

Entertain, educate and engage patients with innovative healthcare-grade IP-based patient infotainment solutions. 

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Bahrain Cardiac Center

Dolfin: The Patient Infotainment Software System That Satisfies Patients in the Mid-East Region Countries

Enhance the Patient Experience 

Customized to each facility's needs for value-added patient services and on-demand entertainment.

Dolfin is a modular content management software system created to expand the in-room entertainment experience, for patients in the Middle East Region, with IP and access to patient services. This easy to use software system, built for healthcare, delivers access to entertainment, patient education, medical records, and hospital services to patients through the PDi Android-based display solutions. Dolfin is fully integrated with pillow speaker controls for most major nurse call systems.

Dolfin provides patients with various streaming and on-demand entertainment features like movies, videos, and music. Patients can also play games or video conference. Secure access to hospital IT systems allow patients the luxury to view personal health records, easily order meals, provide patient feedback, or utilize secure, centralized building automation software for lighting control, climate control, and window blind control.

Optional licensed content for patient education from the Patient Education Institute is available in English and Arabic. This educational content provides patients with detailed information on their specific medical condition, treatment and care. 

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