Design Tools

Resources to help you design your next PDi patient TV system

Refer to the links below for solid models of our popular products.

PDi Communication Systems, Inc. utilizes SolidWorks to design our products. The links will allow you to open a simplified version of these products in other formats, such as Revit, so that you can layout your patient care area.

How-to Import SAT files into Revit

Headwall Arm Mounts 1400 Series Arm 68" Reach 500 Series Arm 58" Reach 16" PDi Arm TV


Slim Power Mount (combo power supply and arm mount, for use near wall outlet)


CP Standard Arm Mount PDi-179AV web 900x700

Standard Arm Mount (for use with Ten-tap Central Power Supply)


Counter Mounts STM14 and STM18

500 STM Counter Mount Arm TV by PDi

Counter Mounts

We build two size STMs: the STM-14 fits a 14" or 16" PDi arm-mounted TV, while the STM-18 fits the 19" model TVs.



19" PDi Arm TV 24" A-Series Smart Wall TV 32" A-Series Smart Wall TV Reach 17 Arm