pilfer proof locking wall bracket for hospital televisions
Slim line wall bracket bolt cap cover kit
Granada hole wall bracket Clevis mount wall bracket

Hospital Television Swing Arm Wall Brackets, Caps & Washers

Wall Brackets

  • Variety of wall brackets are available to meet almost any need
  • Standard or custom hole patterns can be supplied
  • Models are available with built-in theft deterrents
  1. PDi-179CP
    • Standard wall bracket with pilfer proof locking feature 5/8" base pin bushing standard
    • 1/2" available on request
  2. PDI-178GR
    • Wall bracket with Granada hole pattern
  3. PDI-119C
    • Slim line style wall bracket
  4. PDi-180C
    • Clevis mount wall bracket for 1000 Series
      Arm only

Caps and Washers

  1. PDI-270
    • Bolt cap cover kit

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